Murders rock city, suspect unknown

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ATHIAN- Gang wars and police brutality are well known in the city of Hathian, but for the last month suspicious and unsolved murders have become the common place. These murder have been gruesome and there has been no evidence to lead to one or multiple murders.

Most recently, several barrels full of water and body parts have been found on top of the Daily Grind and Lou’s Bar, the barrels were set to drain into the buildings water supplies. These discoveries came around the time the body of a student was found at Columtreal University, supposedly murdered.

The detectives working on the cases were not immediately available for comment, but the Public Affairs Officer was.

“We are warning the citizens of Hathian to be careful,” said Officer Fae Lindley. “We have no evidence these murders are in any way connected and we are working as quickly as possible to identify any possible suspects.”

These murders started weeks ago with the death of Audrey Noonan, who was found in an alley behind Lou’s bar. Disfigured and mutalated but an unknown assailant and was thrown from the top of a building.  Not long after the body, minus the head, of Sian Ryan was found cooking and dismembered on the grill at the Gein Burger.

Not long after, in the wake of the first major storm of the year, another body is found. An unidentified male who had been burned in what Police describe as a caustic substance not unlike lye. Not even a few days later, a unknown woman was found impaled by the steeple of the Chapel of Love.

Lindley also stated that there have been no witnesses thus far, but if anyone had witnessed these murders, or any suspicious activity around the time of these murders they could contact the Police Department immediately.

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