Murder of Franco Lombardi / Vigil for Leo

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As was widely publicised yesterday, the body of Columtreal University Football Team’s [aka the ‘Looters’] towelboy, Franco Lombardi, was found in a most horribly bloody state on the bleachers of the football ground. He’d apparently been beaten or trampled to death, tied up with towels taken from the Looter’s locker room. Discovered by CU Student Izzy Button, the area around the body was unfortunately not secured. In the interim between the discovery and its eventual removal, several students had been nearby to stand in shock at who would murder this inoffensive non-playing member of the Football Team.

One of these was member of the Looters, 18 year old Leo Ducatillon, dressed at the time in football kit. Bystanders report his shocked, even numbed appearance when he saw that Franco had been killed. This was soon followed by the arrival of a so-far un-named detective from the Hathian Police Department. With the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence – a speck of blood seen on Leo’s football boots in what was after all an unsecured area – the detective decided to arrest the unlikely Leo Ducatillon on suspicion of murder, and they were last seen driving off towards the Station.

The next period is something of a gray area. What is known however, is that Leo was found the following day by an unnamed police officer with horrific injuries on the floor of a cell at the Station. He’d been lying on the cold concrete floor of his cell for a minimum of several hours unconscious and was eventually taken by the EMT to Hathian General Hospital where he remains to this moment. HPD, on reviewing the flimsy evidence against Leo, decided not to press charges and officially released him to the care of the Hospital and has remained silent on the matter of how Leo became so dreadfully injured whilst in their custody. The murderer or murderers therefore are still at large, and ‘authorities’ have advised the public to remain cautious and vigilant.

Meanwhile the Hospital would not confirm any details regarding Leo’s condition but stated that “an 18 year old man was admitted yesterday with serious traumatic injuries and remains in a critical condition. His family and friends have been informed.”

Friends of Leo Ducatillon have been seen arriving at the Hospital and leaving in a visibly upset fashion afterwards. Sources close to him say that he is “hovering between life and death” and still “hasn’t opened his eyes“. His girlfriend Teegan Lane remains on vigil by his bed and reportedly has not left his side the entire time and is said to be shattered and devastated. The same sources expressed shock that the as-yet unidentified detective singled out Leo – whom they say is one of the most unlikely people in this city of all cities to commit a murder – with the flimsiest of ‘evidence’. Whilst it is not certain at this stage whether Leo will survive or not (and, if he does, to what kind of recovery?), there is more shock and distress at his condition. However, when his situation becomes clearer – for better or for worse – the sources say that the already building anger at the treatment of this innocent college boy will boil over.

Meanwhile, the family of Franco Lombardi is said to be “distraught” at their “gentle” son’s murder and have appealed for anyone who has any information to get in contact with Hathian Police Department. They have requested that their privacy is respected at this very traumatic time.
~ Hamish McPherson, : Press Association Louisiana :

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