Gangs In Hathian To Be Feared Or Respected?

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There comes a time, when as an average citizen of Hathian, we sit back and do some thinking about the gangs around here.


From my perspective, I know of five gangs, Reavers, Rejects, Deamhans, Masqued’s and Ace’s. Is this all there are? Probably not, and some of the citizens of the city may not even have heard of one or two of the ones I mention. The point I’m making here, or trying to make, is what makes a gang?


Do you have to be bad ass and out there, causing trouble and drama in our city? Killing people and burning down buildings? Or do you need to subtly be behind the scenes, making sure things are run smoothly and you are raking in profits from underhanded or above board dealings.


Who has the most power in the streets? The gangs who are in our face scaring the shit out of us and making us cower in the alleys as we wander around, or the ones we rarely hear of yet know of, somewhere in the back of our minds and peek over our shoulders when we are alone at times, to make sure ‘they’ are not around.


I ask you, fair citizens of Hathian, who is it you fear the most, respect the greatest? The ones you see so blatantly all day long scaring us senseless, or the ones you know are running things from afar, subtle machinations of movement that make us realize our lives may be being controlled by power yet unseen, but definitely felt.


Just the wonderings of a simple writer, looking for reasoning and definition from all I see as I wander the city, listening and watching what’s going on.


Is it fear or respect the gangs want from us and are they going about it the right way in getting it?

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