Daily Grind Hot With the Locals

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With the economy lowering itself to this city’s standard way of living, the cold air and dry personalities have caused the Daily Grind (DG) to see a surge in business. After a mysterious event yesterday could the grind be so Hot that it spontaneous combusted right before the public eye.

Miraculously the grind will still be around to serve the shittiest coffee that you have had since the Colombian field fires in 1987; no thanks to the FDH who’s timely response was well over a half hour. Though the start of the fire is still being determined, it was said to be a stunt put on by the owners of the Daily Grind itself.

A few citizens heard an announcement to leave the building that there would be a warming of the city, and it turned out that the fire was lit to help reach that cause.

A local citizen comments, “Whoever started it more than likely did it as a cover up for other things, and those will come to light soon enough.”

A man, whose identity is unknown, is last seen leaving the grind as the fire catches on. Witnesses describe the man as approximately six feet tall, light skin, with black hair. Tattoos mostly cover the lower portions of both arms.
If you have any information, the crime stoppers tip line is 5BE-RATS

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