Dating in Hathian

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Where do you take your dates in our fine city? I had a few dates now and for some reason; we always end up at Lou’s Bar or at the Titty Twister. Yes, the bars are fabulous, fun and always busy.


How about the Arcade, the Diner, or even the beach? Sitting at the beach in Hathian, watching the green, oily waves roll in and back out again, is quite possibly one of the most romantic spots there are.


I’m looking for spots to be taken by my dates, and not my bedroom, that’s only for those special enough to make it in. Share your ideas, your thoughts on this. Let’s find those secret, undisclosed, sexy spots, get them used! Enough of the back alley for me, I want a real date!


I know there must be plenty of places around this city or by the university that could end in some nice nuzzling warmth at the end of a night; even, if it’s just to lie back and stare at the stars high above us, thinking about the aliens seeking other homes. If your date doesn’t have vagina dentata, (which I have heard is spreading like wildfire,) you could get lucky; but, one never knows how the night will end.

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