The Silverside Co. strikes oil; poised to erect neighborhood

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The Silverside Co. (Nasdaq: SSCO)

            The philanthropic labor union, known collectively as The Silverside Corporation, met with the associated press early Monday morning to announce the discovery of oil wells hidden deep beneath the ground surface. The wells are estimated to contain 100,000 barrels of oil, but the SS is still assessing the find. A privately funded scientific association, Aztek Laboratories, has been deployed to research and execute the best possible means of extraction. The SS founder and CEO, Az Barrett, commented in a private interview;


“This is a project we’ve been involved with for quite some time. Keeping it out of the public eye was the best way to work and make progress without competition”.


The Silverside (SS) Corporation came under close scrutiny by local Hathian leaders, last fall, accusing the company of operating illegitimate business and collaborating with the criminal underworld that prevails in the city. Founded as a labor union of Butchers, the SS operates with moral ambiguity but has the propensity to be a positive, secure and influential entity.


With the enormous wealth that the oil brings in, the Silverside Co. stated plans to erect a neighborhood in and surrounding Black Bottom tentatively titled “Kingston”, named after a descendant of the founder’s family lineage. Plans for the neighborhood include a Pharmacy, Butcher Shop, Internet Cafe, Hospital, and several college grants and scholarships.


As the revenue increases and the neighborhood expands, the Silverside Co. expects to widen the job market and offer a considerable amount of new jobs and employment opportunities.


Despite moral ambiguity, the SS continues to operate quietly but successfully.




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