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(The following is a video posted on the Observer website of a special video pertaining to The Hathian Bachelor reality show.)


This twenty minute special starts off with images of the mansion and goes straight to Ana

Ana calls her ‘valet’ over.  He’s not officially her valet, but close enough.  “I need to use the bathroom…” she says.  “I’ll use the one upstairs…” she says, smiling brightly.  “I’m sure Ren won’t mind..” she offers when she gets a look from the man.  She’s getting used to the rather indignant way the man simply bends her over his shoulder and carries her up, wheelchair included.  As she’s set into the chair, she peeks around to see if Ren is awake or there.  With some relief, she notes the room is empty and wheels herself toward the bathroom, so that she’s not doing anything suspicious.​

Closing the bathroom door behind her and locking it so that she can’t be walked in, she smiles to herself.  She wheels over to the shower, sliding a box saran wrap she’d tucked away in the little satchel she’s always got next to her in chair.  She can’t do it at the height she wants, but she settles for thigh height, because who looks there?  Stretch the saran wrap out, she makes she has enough to completely cross the door – just one stretch of the clingy film will do. She moves over to the toilet next.  She gets the strip ready and leans to flush the toilet, keeping up with the ruse.  She quickly wraps it around the toilet seat.  She puts the seat and the lid down, trying not to giggle and give herself away.  It’s a harmless little prank, but definitely…the reaction will be worth it.   Of course, while she’s doing these tasks, she’s taking pictures – little prizes for herself to giggle at later.








After a moment, she she unlocks the door and tugs it open, smiling at her valet.  She adjusts the satchel to ensure the saran wrap is hidden still and makes her way to the top of the stairs where the valet is, waiting to be taken down.

Later that day…

Ren slipped into the bathroom glancing in the mirror, a white towel wrapped around her body, lush breasts keeping it in place, speaking conversationally to the cameras as she preened in the mirror “Well as you can see  I am naked under this towel and  getting ready to shower so I am going to need you to get out please” pushing the group of cameras and production crew out and closing the door behind her.  The camera cuts back to the  closed door,  Ren would be heard, “OH MY GOD! They wrapped my shower in saran wrap, I can’t get in!! How ? Why?  Oh my god ,  I need to pee ”  then a loud scream would be heard, “Peeeeeeeeeeeeee I peed on the floor !” The sound of the water being turned on, filling the tub and splashing around while wailing at the top of her lungs. Finally she   would emerge from the bathroom  looking to the crew, her voice quivering , tears welling in baby blues” they put saran wrap on my toilet ,  They hate me and are obviously trying to kill me”.

Looking into the camera Ren would  begin her confessional, “Well I came to be nice and make friends, but  Trixie and  David are right , everyone is jealous of me , because I am the cutest! ” sniffling loudly a little snot bubble dripping from her nose ,  grabbing onto a crew member standing close by she blew her nose loudly on his shirt ,  then looked back to the camera, “This means  war , I am not going to shank anyone, don;t worry ,  that kind of thing doesn’t happen until week 2, but I can see how this game is going to  play out! and  2 can play at that game, well 4… but I can be mean , I mean not  really super mean  like grrr , but I am not going to  stand for this!!! Someone call David I need  a full time armed  guard  protecting my room!” breaking down into sobs again, ” and some candy… and a latte…  with whipped cream… please?

The credits would roll and would remind everyone to tune in soon for the first of four dates on the Bachelor.

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