Interview: One Woman’s Truth of the Night of the Hunt

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taken by Valmont Marseille

Everyone who was on Twitter couple of weeks back before Halloween knew about the hunt the Kogarashi had put on, including the rules that were graphic on how to kill your victim. We have a  grotesque account narrated by our very own Aizlynne Argeneau, one of our few true blue elected officials of this town, Hathian, with her own account of the hunt and what had happened the night of her attack. These are her words unedited, uncensored, and unaltered from the lips of our dear Elected Official to this Reporter, to you, the reader. These are the questions and the answers to the confusion of that night:

Dravonicci: “I know there has been some serious commotion over the OSMC, HPD, Kogarashi, as well as the Adachi Family. I’m not sure if you caught Feral Clary’s most recent Video Blog that had been posted just the night of November 13th. The talk of Kogarashi attacking people and OSMC trying to cover up the fallout with the HPD as well. There is this rumor running around that someone attacked you? Perhaps, in your own words, you could tell me what actually happened?”

Aizlynne: “Mh, Right, that’s a new rumor I saw because of Feral’s video. Is she alright? Or is she missing? Sorry, one thing at a time.. Guess I should just start from the beginning… I have a lot of Followers on twitter, which is where I get most of my news or gossip or… well, you know, what have you. I normally miss a lot of things. But that day, when I was scrolling to look through it, I saw the post from the Kogarashi. About the hunt. And I just… I was mortified. At first I thought it was some sick joke. Paintball game, something innocent. But then I read the actual poster picture they put up and the rules of their… sick hunt, and what they were doing, what they had already done! I saw it too late…”

Dravonicci: “Graphic photos on twitter about this.. Hunt? Feral Clary is missing, and hopefully the HPD are already on the case to trying to track her down to make sure she is safe and sound. A source is already searching for anyone that might have information leading up to the safe return of Feral Clary, please do not hesitate to contact HPD or The Hathian Observer, your tip off could get you a reward if it leads to the direct safe return of Feral Clary. The Adachi Family and the Kogarashi have attacked her, this was publicized over the latest posting on Youtube on Feral Clary’s blogger. But as you were saying, this hunt was publicized over twitter? And you were able to read their hunt with rules and everything… Tell me, what did you do then?”

Aizlynne: “Very graphic… The poster of the hunt, the rules of it. No guns allowed, only other weapons… They would let go a victim every so often throughout the day that wore an armband. If they wanted a prize, they had to kill those victims… Take a selfie with the body, post it to Twitter to the Kogarashi timeline, and keep hold of the armband… When I saw that, I sent out a tweet, a PSA… For everyone following me in this city to help. To bring the victims to me. To protect them from being hunted. I didn’t get any response that way… other than India and Vise taunting me with Tweets of their own. India.. even went so far as to post a small video of… the victim she killed, decapitated… using the head as a puppet to taunt me that no one would help. After that, I posted I would pay anyone that would help me. I hate to admit it, but the people of this city don’t do anything moral unless there’s money involved… I hated to do that, but I was panicking and desperate for any help.”

Dravonicci: “Would you think that if they had done anything to help that they might targeted as a potential victim? The fear of doing something altruistic as saving someone from the Kogarashi’s little game that they’d be targeted next? And did anyone help out at that point? Were you also fearful that you’d become targeted for speaking out against it?”

Aizlynne: ” Maybe… I guess that might be why no one really responded, either way. People either just hid at home or sounded apathetic about it all. Like this kind of behavior is normal just because we live here… and it’s not. It’s not normal and where we live shouldn’t  be used as an excuse to be like that. Of course I was afraid, at least in part. But I think my anger at this hunt thing going on and what people were doing… I think that was stronger. Or call it stupidity… I don’t know. I thought maybe if I showed people to not be afraid more would help, and no more victims would lose their lives… So I went out to find the victims myself. I got off the bus at the gas station. I shouted for people to help me protect them, that I would pay them, with my own money. One of the victims was in the street and when I started to approach her, someone did finally come up to help. I guess after hearing me talk about paying them to help protect…”

Dravonicci: “What if they saw what you said on twitter and rather than just seeing you write about it, they saw you out on the street actually physically attempting to make a difference instead of just going to Twitter and talking about it. I’m sure most people see things on twitter, facebook, any social media, read about it, like it or make a comment on it, then log off and go to sleep. As if by their like or comment alone would somehow change the world to be a better place, instead of actually going out and making a difference. Could that be possible? And please, tell me what happened next…”

Aizlynne: “You mean I should have done a video? Or my standing in town..? I didn’t post a video showing I was here. But I did Tweet about it. That I would be out helping in town. Which I think is why the Kogarashi finally did put me on the hit list… They were not fond of me interfering with their… Fun… I’m not sure. I didn’t have to take a video or any kind of silly selfie. Would have seemed frivolous at that time, I think. I’m not looking for thanks or praise or anything like that. Just… I gues, lead by example. Be good, do good. My father was a military man, so… He taught me to be strong and moral and a decent human being. To be understanding… see all sides of everything. Well the one man began to try and help me by the gas station. The female victim was there… I can’t remember which one right now.. and she was acting strange, erratic, paranoid. I held my hands out to show her I meant no harm and trid to explain to her that I was there to help her, not hurt her. I lowered the fire poker I had as a line of defense… I don’t own a gun, but at that point I already knew I was put on the hit list. Anyways, I tried talking to her first, but there was something off. I could tell, just had this feeling she was drugged or something. She suddenly snapped, shouted something, I don’t remember… But came at me with a knife in her hand. Which is how I got my first injury… She nearly gutted me.”

Dravonicci: “I was meaning… That you weren’t on twitter that you were actually doing something they could see, rather than just watching your twitter feed. If that makes more sense. Seeing you physically doing something rather than just tweeting about it. Point is this person started helping  you out when he saw what you were trying to do. I see, that must have been scary for you.. to almost lose your life to trying to save someone elses… I probably wouldn’t be able to go back out there after I was nearly gutted by someone I was trying to help. You are a brave woman, stepping up when no one else would or could. Truly a shining beacon of this very bleak city at this time… Can you tell me what happened after you were stabbed? And what actions you took there after?”

Aizlynne: “Oh, yes. Now I see what you mean.. I believe in action, for the most part. And if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. At least with the serious things like this whole mess. Have to show people that I’m not just some politician that’s corrupt like they want to think I am… Guilty by association, I guess, as one of the other council member is… Less than favorable… with the public… But I want people to know that I will fight for them, as best I can. They voted for me and they have me and I will do right by them. Well, no, I’ve met the man in the past and he is far from altruistic. He helped because he overheard the part about being paid to do so. But at the time I was desperate for any help and so I enlisted him.. I only know him as Vincent. We tried to restrain the female victim. Another man came up to help as well. He had not heard me prior… So he actually was helping just to help, not for payment. I found out later his name was Rick. Anyways, while we were trying to restrain the woman, another victim came running down the street. I barely was able to catch a glimpse of him coming and at first he had on some kind of hood over his head and had a knife as well. Shouting erratically like the woman had. He was clearly drugged as well. But then came running towards us. I don’t know if he even realized what he did, maybe in the back of his head he saw me getting attacked and acted, but he stabbed the other victim from behind. She was dead… instantly…. and the blood was everywhere…”

Dravonicci: “Daaaamn… Another victim coming and killing your first that you tried to save… The one that narrowly gutted you… That must have been traumatizing… What did you do after you witnessed that? What did this Rick and Vincent do?”

Aizlynne: “I felt like I failed the first victim… Really, I failed to save anyone. It was chaos after that… Rick and Vincent tried to grab him after I shouted at them not to hurt him. I saw the band on his arm first. Some other woman ran up that knew him but they both ran off before anyone could restrain him. At that point, Vise had come up, saying something about her lucky day. Three victims at the same place. I don’t know how she knew that… Later on I saw a post on Twitter, a picture of when the female victim, the guy , and myself were all there. Someone else had taken that photo from a distance… I don’t know who. Anyway, She came up swinging her bat at Vincent. Rick tried to get in her way but missed. Then she came at me while Rick tried to help Vincent. She tried swinging at me, I swung back with the fire poker. Then everything happened at once. Visentia kicked at my knee cap and broke it and my leg. There was a gun shot and next thing I know I feel a blinding pain… guess she got scared off by the first gun shot, I think she realized it was meant for her… She took the armband off the dead female victim and ran off…”

Dravonicci: “Do you think that Visentia, the Ukrainian, is part of the Kogarashi? Or at the very least affiliated with the Kogarashi? So after all the chaos had settled, I’m guessing you went to the hospital to get your wounds looked at? Who fired the gun?”

Aizlynne: “At the very least, yes. If not.. Then I don’t know why she would otherwise take part in the sick hunt of theirs. She made a claim earlier today that she attacked me because I stood in her way, that she was on something called UNI? Which I’m assuming is some kind of drug. I’ve only heard rumors about it. But I saw how she was acting, what she was like, first hand… I don’t believe she was drugged for a second. At least not in the impairing way the other victims were. They didn’t know what they were doing, they were shouting and hallucinating, thinking people and themselves were dead. She was acting with precision. She knew what she was doing. It was a bit of a blur at that point. I remember Visentia running off. A second gun shot… Someone shouting get down on the ground. Officer Josh Alphaville was the one who accidentally shot me. He ran over. I could see the regret and panic on the poor man’s face and he apologized profusely. Said he was trying to protect me. The shot hadn’t been for me… He had taken a chance in trying to take down Vise from attacking me, and I understand that, so I do not hold him at fault for it. Everyone makes mistakes… This just happened to be a particularly painful one. He picked me up and took me to the hospital There had been another officer there, but I don’t remember her name… Saying something that they were paid to protect me. I don’t know why… I was surprised anyone was trying to help me, let alone save and protect me. I still don’t know why…”

Dravonicci: “Do you know what the second, female officer looked like? Perhaps she spoke with an accent? And if you could, or have you already, thanked the officers for protecting you? I mean, I’m sure the reason is rather simple… You’re an elected official, and that means high profile… There are probably many that would try to gun you down because you are famous in a sense… Even If it’s just as a politician. That would be why they were hired.”

Aizlynne: “No, I’m sorry… I don’t really remember. At that point I had already lost a lot of blood. and was in so much pain.. I was barely keeping consciousness as it was. I did thank them, in my own way. At least at the time. Maybe not in the official sense such as a statement or anything… but I did assure Officer Alphaville that I understood  he made a mistake, and in reality he saved my life. As did the others, Vincent, and Rick. I want to thank them more personally, eventually. When I’m more healed. I don’t really think my title or position should hold me any different than anyone else in the city. I was a citizen first, and still am… I don’t like being defined by my title… And famous wouldn’t really be the word for it. But… I suppose some people  do see the good I’ve tried to do for the city. The Anonymous group, Retribution, paid for my medical expenses… and I believe they were the ones to pay to have me saved. Although, what their interest in me is, I have no idea… But I cannot be bought. I’m sure they know that, if they have been watching me, for whatever reason… I hope you do this meeting justice. I think the people of this city should know what happened… I’m trusting you, with what I’ve said today…”

And your trust was within good caring hands here at the Hathian Observer, Aizlynne Argeneau.. Keep doing what you do, make Hathian a place worth living in once more.

((Correction: Mention of Eric Liam is erroneous and voided from the article.))

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