In Memory of Lilana Tinamou

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In Memory of Lilana Tinamou

On Monday, March 19, 2012, a terrible tragedy impacted the community of Hathian. What was meant to be a peaceful protest turned into a vivid nightmare as an explosion rocked the station of the Hathian Police. Many were injured, but it is with great sadness that this is written. The death of one well known officer has seem to hit both family and friends hard. It was on this day that Lilana Tinamou née Macbain, Lieutenant of the Hathian Police, passed away. Beloved sister, wife, mother and friend to many. Known for her tough love to those she kept watch of, she spent 17 years in the streets of “Hell” as she commonly called it, as one of the officers of the HPD. Her climb up the ranks filled with both hardships and memorable moments.

In a brief statement by Lilana Tinamou’s sister, whose name is being kept confidential at this time, she states:

“My sister was a great woman, no matter what some may have thought of her. She was tough, harsh, and yes hated by many. But the other side of her was one rarely seen or heard. We had a rough childhood growing up. She looked out for me throughout it, as I’m sure she looked out for those she needed to, during her time with the Hathian Police. She’s truly missed and loved.”

At the request of her husband and family, an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of her death. No information will be released publicly on this. Funeral arrangements will be handled by the Hathian Police Department. Details to follow.

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