Isa: ‘Walk Like It’s For Sale and the Rent is Due Tonight!’

Our student of the month is a GG bombshell hiding a nerdy and booksmart secret!

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Isa in the GBTL Studio
Isa in the GBTL studio for her shoot

by Girl Behind the Lens – Daiyu Tang

Student Profile

The Hathian Observer is pleased to be part of the fabric of both Hathian proper and the adjacent Columtreal University. Many of the town visit the University while many of the students can be seen partying hard around Hathian, visiting TT, Lou’s and other places. Some students also hold jobs in the town, which includes today, our interviewee Isa Bellisserian!

As part of our regular series to meet and greet community members and talk a little about their life in Hathian, our roving intern (also a CU student!) Daiyu Tang had her eye caught by Isa (also known as Isabis) when Isa decided to strip down and model naked in a class taught by Professor Lubezki! Seeing a potential story, Daiyu reached out to arrange a subsequent profile which we are now pleased to bring to you. Read on to understand Isa and then after the profile you can read how to be featured yourself.

Meet Isa – our Columtreal Student of the Month

On the 5th of December 2022 we arranged for Daiyu Tang, Girl-Behing-the-Lens to meet with Isa. Daiyu has been a busy little intern and with some support from the Observer we have furnished her with an interview room, lighting and that kind of thing. Hopefully our investment shows in the photos below.

GBTL here readers, let me tell you about my meeting with Isa. I hope you enjoy her profile and remember, read on to see how you can feature!

Isa comes across as naturally vivacious, full of life and keen to get out and about, meet and greet as well as explore what she likes to do. I found her easy to speak with and despite our different looks and work, we shared a love of photography, hopefully these photos meet Isa’s high standards. Anyway, on with the interview!

GBTL – Daiyu Tang: “Welcome to the GBTL studio! Please take a look around and maybe I can get some natural photos while we ask the first questions… let’s maybe start with the basics then when you’re ready! What brings you to Hathian, who are you and why should people take notice of you when they see your face in the paper?”

Isa: “Well, I was brought up in New Orleans and went to school there and when it came to thinking about university, I was thinking about a place a little quieter… Plus, tuition fees are bit more competitive at Columtreal, so I went with it and managed to get in. I’m hoping to major in photography, which can get expensive, see, and I’m wanting to get into modelling professionally, so I’m hoping some press exposure will help with that and get me some work! Maybe I might get to be a local star? Who knows!”

Isa was bubbly and seemed to find it easy to answer questions, so I kept going while snapping!

Isa in her bikini with GBTL props
Isa in the GBTL Studio

Daiyu: “Ok, so you like a little quiet and yes, for sure the tuition here is a bit easier! That makes you easy to relate with and not aloof, people like that… So modelling; Hathian has its share of run-down dives and not great cam-models. What sets you apart individually, but also what is your idea of modelling, where do you want to be and how do you want to carry yourself?”

Isa: “Well, I’ve started out with the cam site thing. You know that XXX Shop on Bourbon Street? It’s only a few blocks away from campus, and they run a cam site, so I got into there. It’s actually pretty fun, and folks have been super helpful with building my profile’s subs. I think the biggest draw is my age and build. Like, I’ve seen a lot of slender girls and curvy girls, but I’m sorta slender-ish and I’ve got plenty up top. My measurements are 28J-25-44 US and I think in the UK, that would be 28GG-25-44! Plus, y’know, everyone likes a blonde, right?”

Isa giggled and while she didn’t flaunt her curves she certainly was comfortable with them. I suspect she is probably quite a popular model with the XXX shop already!

Isa: “I’d like to get into modelling lingerie for fashion magazines and stuff like that, or maybe gowns and evening wear. Stuff like that. Maybe nude work for artists. I’m into fine art. I’d like to think I’d be known for the more classy stuff, y’know? Oh, and also swimwear, for calendars!”

Daiyu: “Yep, the XXX shop does cam and some modelling, there’s a famous adult actress who works there sometimes and headlined an event they did! 28GG… Christ! Classy is good, swimwear is popular! So, now you’re in Hathian with these goals, what are some fun facts people should know about you? Maybe give me two or three and then if you can, what’s the dream date for you and maybe something classy you like, food, wine, that kinda thing?”

Isa: “Hmm, I guess I should also say I’m 18, 6’1″, and I’m a sorority girl and cheerleader here at university. As for fun nights out? Well, I’ve always been enamoured by the parties that Hustler and Playboy are known for, so I’ve been dipping my toes in at Spanky’s, which is right by the campus, and the Titty Twister, that’s near where I work. I’ve had some great night out there when they’ve done events. I’m also into anime, video games and table-top roleplaying games, and I’m -so- gonna love going to the Comic Con this year! I also do some DJing, and I’ve met a few folks at the local record store. I’d like to do some more with that. So… dream date… Well, a romantic candle lit dinner somewhere nice, maybe near the beach. Italian food, red wine. Or a night out at the movies. I’m with Cupids as a VIP, and I’m on Tinder, of course, and OnlyFans, so maybe folks can suggest some things for a date!”

Isa really is easy to talk with, she also has a range of interests that are surely going to appeal. I couldn’t help but think that Chad from the table-top gaming business would’ve had a much harder no-nut November if he’d met Isa… For our readers, here is a link to Isa’s Twitter as well!

Isa in her pink bikini
Isa in a bikini at the GBTL studios

Daiyu: “Ok, so that night out at the movies? What’s your favourite film so far and considering that list of apps and dating sites, maybe you can close with something saucy to say, I won’t put words in your mouth, go with whatever you want people to read!”

Isa: “Well, sci-fi is what I’m most into, when it comes to movies. And indie stuff. Y’know, the more cerebral work, such as Kubrick, or visually lush, like Ridley Scott, and the psychological explorations of David Lynch. That sort of thing. I love the noir feel of Bladerunner, and I’m a big fan of William Gibson. As for something saucy? Well, let’s just say I’m the definition of tall, leggy blonde bombshell, and I go all the way! So, if you think you can handle me, try me! I’m on Cupids and Tinder and of course, my cam site profile. The more interest there the better. I’ve read that a lot of the big models started out doing cam work, so I’m really wanting to build up a body of work there and get into as many shoots like this as possible!”

Isa in a black dress, with a lowered top showing her nipple piercings.
Isa in the GBTL Studios

Well, a film buff as well with GG chest… Chad, Chad are you still with us? Hah, anyway readers, I hope you enjoyed this interview, as well as the photos. So do reach out to Isa if you want to chat!

How to Feature

If you liked what you read above and if you have your own story to tell, then join Isa and ‘Z’ and feature in the paper! To get this started, reach out to Daiyu Tang at the Observer. You can reach her via her work e-mail ((NC)) or you can leave tips or a request at her mailbox at the Observer offices.

We at the Observer wish you a happy Holidays and we look forward to catching up with Isa again in the future to see if she received any special presents from our readers after this article!

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