Sugar Rush at Berthier Street Bakery

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By: Katy Kantry

Walking down Berthier Street, anyone passing by the Berthier Street Bakery has been treated to the delicious scent of baked goods for as long as Hathian can remember.  The bakery is currently a family-owned business, ran by Lizette Zero, one of the Hathian Police Departments’ finest who purchased it more than a year ago. Regardless of your personal feelings toward the HPD, there is no denying this bakery stands out among the other Berthier Street shops, with its beautiful window displays and well-kept exterior.

After denying my sweet tooth many times, I finally decided to peek inside this local staple of Hathian’s food and beverage community and I seemed to be transported to another place. Cotton candy pink walls and whimsical décor, so out of place from the grunge and dirt of the rest of this city greeted me and I also received a warm greeting by Lizette Zero herself, who described her inspiration as wanting it to feel like you’d stepped into your grandmother’s kitchen. As the warm sweet smell of delicious cakes, pastries, and bread hit me, I must admit, it had me longing for a grandmother that would bake such sweet-smelling delights!

Since it was an early morning visit to the bakery, I chose an order of a variety from their breakfast menu, because honestly, everything looked so good and my eyes have always been bigger than my stomach!  My order was taken with a smile and packed away carefully in a cute pink box that had dividers to keep everything separate, which I thought was a special touch for those picky eaters who don’t like their food to touch. I would also like to give a special thank you to ((NPC)) Dorothy who was working her muffins off, moving back and forth between the kitchen and the shop, filling the display and shelves with fresh baked goods. 

The price was surprisingly cheap, which might make one leery, if you go by the assumption that you get what you pay for, however, after taking my box home and delving into my delicious breakfast treats, I can assure you that you are getting a “sweet” deal with anything you buy at Berthier Street Bakery. One bite and you can taste the love and high-quality ingredients that went into everything I tasted. The Berthier Street Bakery is a must for anyone who needs their daily fix of sugar!

Recommendations: The Queens Tea Scone

Price: $

Stars: ****

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((The author is an IC player, but is using ICLY a pseudonym for their byline))

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