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By: Carly Cox

Editor’s note – this free trial supplement was included with the print edition today.

Presenting the new Bourbon Street fashion magazine

One may question why we need a fashion magazine at all, another if fashion on Bourbon Street really is that much different from any other area in the city. I’d like to think the answer to both wonders, is a resounding yes.

Louisiana is a hot spot, literally, and Bourbon St. or the part better known as Red Light District, are filled with old school skimpy outfits and other delights to look at. We may not dress posh down here, but we sure know our way around what makes us look exciting and what kind of underwear attracts certain types of people.

Grunge – Back in Style?

We may refer to grunge as an aesthetic now, but in the ’90s, it was so much more. Quick history lesson: The term “grunge” comes from the grunge music movement that emerged in Seattle during the late ’90s. The genre’s most famous bands include Nirvana and Pearl Jam, especially Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain, who quickly became the “it-boy” of grunge fashion.

It’s worth pointing out that although the two movements existed in similar time frames, grunge is not punk. In fact, the two are quite different. Punk was and still is about chains and leather and runs more gothic, but grunge gravitates towards loose-fitting clothes and feels a bit more dishevelled. Much like the music, grunge fashion originally centered around an anti-consumerist mindset—which makes sense, given thrifting and upcycling were top ways to get the grunge look at the time. Of course, since then, the grunge aesthetic has made its way into high fashion and street style, with major names—Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis, anyone?—paying tribute in their collections.

Key elements from the ’90s grunge era have remained the same—think flannels, shredded denim, and combat boots—but now they’ve become easier to shop, with Depop and stores like Urban Outfitters and Free People focusing on the grunge aesthetic. Despite the easier access to getting the grunge aesthetic yourself, thrifting still remains at the heart of grunge, so you can either directly shop the pieces listed below or keep the general wardrobe formula in mind as you hunt for thrift store gems.

One can argue, that while in the rest of America, if not the world – grunge has made a re-appearance as a popular style, it never really went out of style in Hathian. Perhaps due to the chaos left in Katrinas wake, the city itself being the perfect icon of a grunge town.

Gein Burger Proudly Presents

Insider – #WeAreThePeople

Some may have seen the hashtag #WeAreThePeople on posters around town, or floating around the ether of cyberspace. So what is it, and what does it mean?

#WeAreThePeople is a a movement started by the Harlots, to signal to the city that we are sick and tired of gangs and HPD preying on the citizens of Hathian. It means that ordinary people are encouraged to stand with the Harlots in rising up against this nonsense, that has yielded nothing but police corrrutiption and brutality, as well as domestic terrorism from gangs such as Rejects and Yuugen.

The taking over of HGH, the bombs set off in Laveau, a possible epidemic started again at HGH, the fire started at the Mardi Gras festivities… where does it end if noone opposes them? The Harlots are fighting to save Bourbon Street from these oppressors, but the issues extend well beyond the Red Light District, and compromises everyones lives in the city.

Rise Up and take a stand with us!

Hathian Harlots – What’s New?

Following the fire at Mardi Gras, the Harlots reformed after some time of low activity. Setting out to reform its purpose, we have changed a few core concepts in our codex.

While we will likely forever carry the reputation of being a bunch of whores, we are no longer a Union of Hookers, but reforming into an actual street gang / crew. We therefore recruit all kinds of people, not primarily girls turning tricks.

As opposed to Rejects and Yuugen however, we do not thrive on preying on the innocent to prove how superior we are, but still retain the goal of turning Bourbon Street into its former glory, as the busiest street in Hathian, while protecting its businesses and customers alike.

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