A Story of Courage

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by Zofia Lewandowska

I am from Poland and I have sympathy for those who came from other countries to Hathian to pursue their American dream. It’s not easy, you have to work hard and be patient, but sooner or later luck will smile on you.

Today I will write about someone who came from Europe and became a member of HPD. Yes, she is a police officer and her job is to protect and serve.

I’m really curious about what life is like at HPD, and I’m sure you are too, dear readers. I’ll try to ask a question to find out more about them and maybe we’ll learn some of their secrets?

We Need Them

It’s not an easy task to write about police, people I’ve spoken to have had different opinions and experiences on HPD. There are good and bad police officers and I know there are good and bad people everywhere. Corrupt and non-corrupt. But whatever our opinion of HPD, at the end of the day, we need them. We need someone to help and listen on the emergency line and come when people get in trouble and it is not my intention and intention of this article to judge anybody.

Yes, HPD, they are a force, they have guns, they have bulletproof vests, they have cars, they have technology, they are impeccably (All the time? – Ed) trained with guns and self-defense, and they have the numbers and the town needs them.

Meeting with Courage

I met Ana, full name Anastasia Bryukhanov, after our phone contact at the police station and went to the conference room. It was a nice big room with photos and banners about the police protecting the weak and these who need protection. I liked the space and the chairs, it reminded me of my time in college, we had classes like that there, but HPD has better chairs, more comfortable than we had in school.

Ana was friendly and visibly happy to meet me, we had a nice conversation and discussed the agenda of the interview and she had already told me where she was from and about the incident where she saved a woman from sexual assault, for which she suffered her arm in a cast.

Let’s move on.

The story unfold

Zofia: “My first question was where are you from and when did you come to Hathian. But I know you are from Russia already. Why Hathian and when did you come?”

Ana: “I came to Hathian from Russia when I was 22. My farther was a member of a Russian Mafia family, Petrovskaya Bratva, He was forced into becoming a informant by the Russian KGB. My father didn’t want me in that life and paid the KGB to immigrate me to the US. Hathian was chosen because of it’s location, in the middle of the Louisiana swamps, far away from Russian and the influence of the Mafia or KGB, I haven’t seen my father since, I do not even know if he is alive. Of course, we were underestimating the challenges and dangers this city presents, but we made the best of it. I arrived in Hathian in the summer, just the clothes on my back, a small suitcase, a Visa, a passport and four thousand dollars, a gift from my father, alone and no sense of what to do or where to go.”

Zofia: “That is very hard story Ana. You are amazing you managed it and got here. Your father would be proud of you. What happened then? Did you look for a job? I imagine you might have felt lost, alone in a place like Hathian?”

Ana: “Thank you for your kind words. Yes, when I first arrived, I was lost, and life in Hathian was a far cry from what I was used to in Russia. It was a tough adjustment, and I did look for jobs, any jobs, just to make ends meet. I took on various low-paying positions, working long hours. It was a struggle, sleeping in old shacks down by the beach, washing in the ocean and such but it taught me resilience and determination. I eventually found the Police, or rather the Police found me, I witnessed a crime, an attack on a woman one night, I couldn’t stand by and do nothing, you know… I helped the Officers with information, hoping whoever was responsible was taken care of, I still think about that woman, she killed herself sometime later, I found out.”

Zofia: “That’s an inspiring story, Ana. People came to Hathian for different reasons. They’re looking for a way to survive. And it seems that you did the best you could, and you helped, you risked your life. So you joined the police after the incident?”

Ana: “Yes, I joined the HPD after that incident, it didn’t seem that difficult for me, being a Russian Immigrant. It was an opportunity for me to make a difference in this city and help those who needed it. My personal experiences gave me a unique perspective, and I wanted to use that to serve the people of Hathian. Of course, it hasn’t been without its challenges. The HPD has its own issues, and Hathian is a place where corruption and crime often seem to have the upper hand. But I do what I can, everyday, I put on the uniform and hit the streets, everyday and new adventure and new situations arise that I must adapt to if I want to survive.”

Zofia: “I know that you and your colleagues put your lives on the line every day to protect us from criminals. Officers like you, Landon, Zaphos and Vanora… and, in fact, CUPD officers. Your work is admirable and I thank you again for it! Ana, tell us a little about yourself, what places do you like to go and what are your hobbies and do you have a boyfriend?”

Ana: “Well, when I’m not on duty, I like to unwind at one of the local bars. It’s a great place to relax and have a drink, or even meet new people. I also enjoy taking a drive out of town and visiting the bayou, do some fishing or just go for a hike. It’s a beautiful place, though it can be quite wild at times. I don’t have a partner at the moment. My work keeps me pretty busy, and Hathian can be a challenging place for personal relationships. But never say never ya know?”

Zofia: “Thank you Ana. I understand you. Bars and drinks sound like a fun and nature too! I have another question. What do you think about vegetarian and vegan menu option for officers as well as for inmates? I heard about this option from Landon.”

Ana: “I’m a meat eater myself, however I think it’s a good idea to offer those options. It’s important to accommodate different dietary preferences and needs, especially in a diverse place like Hathian. It’s a step toward inclusivity and providing feasible choices for everyone.”

Zofia: “I agree. Personally I’m vegetarian. Sometimes it’s good even for those who normally eat meat to eat less meat and eat a vegetarian instead. Ana. I may have a tricky question now, but I just can’t resist. Maybe you really won’t answer. And I must add that I appreciate and admire your work and the work of your colleagues. Do you remember The Purge? Some people feel it was HPD’s plan and blame them. Can you clarify that? What’s your take on it?”

Ana: “The Purge was a chaotic and violent event that Hathian has had to endure in the past. It was not planned or endorsed by HPD or any other law enforcement agency that I have evidence of. People are very quick to blame the HPD for their mistakes or way of living, it’s easy to blame a government service and let the Police take the heat for any outburst or unease, it seems people don’t stop and think of the implications that has on the HPD and it’s Officers.”

Zofia: “Thank you Ana. It makes sense. I agree that people blame HPD too often about all happenings around and that is not fair. I believe you deserve more respect. Especially when such good cops like Lanon and you work on our safety. We are getting to the end Ana. Please, can you tell our readers something, give them an important message that you would like to share with them?”

Ana: “I want the citizens of Hathian to know that the Hathian Police Department is here to protect and serve. We hurt, bleed and even die doing out jobs. Our officers are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. We work tirelessly to maintain order and provide a sense of security in a city that can sometimes be chaotic and challenging. We understand that there have been instances where we’ve faced criticism, but our commitment to protecting the people of Hathian remains unwavering. We are here for you, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you ever feel threatened or unsafe. Your safety is our top priority, and we will continue to work hard to keep this city a place where everyone can live without fear. Thank you for your support and trust in us.”

Zofia: “Ana. Thank you for that. It is a powerful message and I believe our readers will admire it and perhaps save lives.”

After the last question, we ended the interview, had a nice chat and moved outside to take photos, which you can see in the article.

We’re at the end of the article, but not at the end of the story and I have to say it was an interesting experience. You can see that people have different motives for coming to Hathian and their journeys are not easy. You could read about Ana’s journey, how she came to Hathian and who is now serving and protecting us. Her life has not been and is not easy and it is up to us, the citizens, to show police officers like Ana some respect and help them do their job better.

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