A memorial left in the Hathian Cemetery

Rest In Power Rhys Pentewyn?

东窗事发? 人琴俱亡? It depends on your perspective. RIP.

This is Hathian… a city where death creeps out from sewers… where it lurks in alleys waiting for victims and where the rain from time to time is lead, not water. Against this, can anyone stand forever?

The Observer has had it brought to our attention via posts on Social Media attributed to members of the Rejects that Rhys Pentewyn has been ‘buried’ in the Cemetery in Hathian on the 25th May 2023.

Rhys, long acknowledged member of the Rejects as well as a Father, Brother and Son to various members of the Pentewyn family was known to have had a troubled past involving extensive interactions with law enforcement, social services and individual Hathian Citizens.

Daiyu Tang, our editor writes:

“I first remember Rhys when I took his photo at a ‘defund HPD’ protest over a year ago… while many things have transpired since then, I titled the photo ‘the handsome protestor’ as he led from the front the protests. People do many things with their lives, some they can be proud of, some they have to do and some that maybe in time they regret or we regret on their behalf. Never-the-less, if death truly has struck Rhys, he will leave behind many unfinished stories in Hathian and painful holes in family photos and gatherings.”

Daiyu Tang – Hathian Observer
Rhys Pentewyn, a man in a black shirt at the defund protests
The ‘Handsome Protestor’

As our editor cautions above, supposed death doesn’t always finish the story of our residents in Hathian. Many a citizen has gone into hiding or had their death faked in order to advance particular ends and while Rhys never struck us as one who ‘hid’, it is perfectly possible as some Hathian Citizens suggested to us that this was all the “Rejects Trolling Social Media“.

A family member finds out about the death via Social Media and the Rejects


The Observer has featured Rhys a number of times and thought that while this is not a traditional obituary and while he may ‘resurrect’ quickly or in time, it’s fair to reflect on some of the ways he has influenced the town. One of his highlights of his recent year was at the Boxing competition organised by his sister Eleri. Taking on Nikolai Niekerk he bested the older man in a good fight, being crowned champion. The video of the event shows how popular a draw he was in town.

Perhaps a lowlight that impacted him personally was when as a result of intense rivalry with Detective Landon Fyre he was thrown from an upstairs window at the tattoo parlour he worked at. Left with significant injuries and an apparent deep thirst for vengeance his wrath descended on those connected to Fyre he was implicated in significant harm to women in Hathian.

Rhys had also been struck by tragedy with the immolation of his partner Lumi (who though perhaps sets context for why death in Hathian can sometimes not be final) and ongoing custody battles with apparent kids. Burnt in the fire that consumed Lumi, Rhys cut a steadily more angry and resentful figure in Hathian, but as quotes from Why Verandi show below, there was still much love for him, even outside his group of Rejects. This is the quandary of humanity – everyone is loved, no matter what they do. It is both beautiful and horrible, but it is natural.

Those that the Observer was able to speak with in the short time before we had to publish expressed mixed feelings.

“Good Riddance” /// “The guy was a dick, but he was also like a brother to me, very conflicted about his death.” /// “He wouldn’t help me take a woman to hospital and punched me in the face my first month here. Truly a man who distilled down the Hathian experience”

Charlie outside the Pawn Shop / ‘Vain’ via submission to the Observer / ‘Val’ via submission to the Observer

We approached HPD for a comment but were told that their computer system had lost count of the number of cases that Rhys was involved in, a sergeant told us “That means at least 20 proper and serious cases…”

“Rhys Pentewyn was one of the sweetest, most charming men I’ve ever met. He had the tortured soul of a talented artist, but I always hoped he would overcome his demons. I’m devastated he’s no longer in this world, but I hope he finds peace and happiness in the next.”

Why – Social Services

There are good memories out there as well and the Observer invites more such memories to be submitted in our comments section below, which will be proactively moderated.


Rhys leaves behind his sister Eleri, his father, Rhys and a younger sister Eira. In addition there are plentiful cousins and other family members, although it does appear that the Rejects didn’t have the courtesy to tell them. We wish them the best during this time of mourning.

Rhys outside the destroyed HPD station
Rhys in happier times

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