Looterfest: Peace, Love, and Music

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On the 25th March musicians such as Sergio Fuentes, Dan Kuroto, Tala Coletti and Ryder Millet will take the stage at a 60’s inspired music festival. WKRK will be broadcasting from the site at Club Aurora next to the CU (Columtreal University) campus..

Revellers will be encouraged to dress in bell bottoms and flares, mini-skirts, adorn themselves with beads, become rockers or mods, and soak in the CU campus culture.

This follows on from the successful Tailgate Party last year (which was broken up by the HPD after reports of extreme drug abuse) and the CU comic-con.

Dan Kuroto at last years CU comic-con

Keyate Marshall, student and manager of Grinders cafe, the local campus cannabis dispensary, who are sponsoring Looterfest told the Observer: “Everyone knows Columtreal Looters have the best parties in the city and we have got a real special one coming up – LOOTERFEST! We’re gonna take over Club Aurora and get the spirit of Jimi Hendrix to bless our trippy 1960s event. Expect some old school tunes of the 1960s and groovy cats and hipsters enjoying some psychedelic vibes. You’ll be able to get your favorite edibles from Grinders, the go-to store on CU campus for all your legal high needs!”

For those who want to take a time machine back to when before most of us were born except the boomers, visit the CU campus on the 25th March at 12pm.

Timings will be determined.

Campus police will be patrolling the event in liason with the Hathian Police department to ensure a safe, happy festival for everyone.

Cannabis and alcohol will be confiscated if you are under 21 and you may be charged.

A stop and search policy will be enforced at the event.

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