Whispers from the locker room; The Columtreal Swindler

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Have I got some tea for you, Looters.

Last time I gave the gossip on Sarah-Michelle Buffy Gage’s relationship with HPD officer, bar owner and DJ Toby Macs, but there’s been several new developments. And I know by this point we’re all invested.

First, a girl was proclaiming to have been sleeping with Toby Macs last week at the Vond Hotel, the same place he took Buffy on a date if you remember. This same girl was spotted in the campus Irish pub, Murphy’s, smashing glasses in an apparent spat with Toby. She was then spotted spilling the beans to Buffy.

Then yesterday, Toby was seen leaving the pub, with all his belongings, catching a cab to the airport and one of the bags filled with cash. CU Gossipgirl can reveal it was ALL the pubs profits, which was meant to pay staff wages, bills, and the rent on the pub.

Further investigation on twitter showed that this is not just a temporary departure and that Toby Macs has left the town for good.

Buffy and the Columtreal Swindler Toby Macs spotted at the beach just a few days ago

Has our unlucky in love Cheer Captain picked yet another wrong guy for her?

And where has all the cash come from? A little bird overheard some of it is Beta Iota Chi sorority money and that a certain sorority girl is in big trouble with her parental unit for dating and funding the man who swindled it and has been cut off until she learns to have better judgement.

It looks like Murphy’s is available for new management, and there’s a boyfriend vacancy too.

Until next time. Remember I’m watching every little thing you do.

I, see you.

xoxo CU Gossipgirl

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