HPD Make Multiple Arrests Outside Rader Records

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By Joanne Steel

This past Saturday evening there was a heavy police presence from officers from Hathian Police Department outside Rader Records. After attempting to action an arrest warrant for one suspect in connection with the fire bomb attack at the Hathian Observer, which escalated to a shoot-out, it is believed that multiple arrests were made, and is yet unconfirmed if some of the suspects arrested are members of local gang, The Rejects.

The Police operation started at some time after 5pm local time when officers arrived outside the record shop. However this would not go off peacefully, words were exchanged between the officers and the people gathered outside the Rader Records store as they tried to make an arrest in connection to the fire-bombing of the Hathian Observer.

This would subsequently end in what appears to have been, but is still unconfirmed, the arrest of multiple people at the scene with some being taken to Hathian General Hospital to receive treatment. It is believed that at least two officers may have been injured and were subsequently taken to Hospital though we have no word on the nature of the injuries or number of casualties.

The Observer reached out to the Hathian Police Department for more information but at this current time they are unable to comment other than to acknowledge that there is a ongoing investigation.

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