Satanists in Politics? What You Need To Know Right Now

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by Cadence St Clare

Drive into the City of Hathian and you will see all manner of business establishments from Movie Theaters to Bakeries. Heck, we even have shops that supply Naturalists with herbs! Even though the City of Hathian suffers from poverty and Economic Depression, there are a wide range of Businesses to supply Hathian Citizens with their basic, everyday human needs! When those needs are met, it is common for Politicians to take the credit. And in their defense, yes, we do have to give them credit along with Entrepreneurs who have decided to defy the odds and pursue their dreams of opening a business. To not only make money but to give back to their community, and in Hathian’s case, a community that is still in need of an Economic up-shift.

However, the question I have is…if we can attribute the positive to our political leaders, who then do we attribute the negative to? Where am I going with this?

As I stated there are a wide range of businesses to meet the needs of Hathians. ESPECIALLY their sexual needs. We have presently in Hathian Triple X stores…Seedy Massage Parlors…and more sex clubs then I would care to count. There are also establishments that feature Satanism. Yes, Filth Fighters…Satanism!

All of this is provided by Entrepreneurs and our Mayor of Hathian. Yet there does not exist, not one single operating Church within Hathian. Not one. If Hathians wish to enrich their spiritual life, they must do so with witchcraft establishments and Satanic groups. I always try to take a different approach to forms of thought. I never jump in and get angry (Which is done to me quite often) but instead I always ask the question…why. Why is this being done?

Why do we have more businesses geared towards spiritual corruption as opposed to spiritual upliftment and enlightenment? Why do we have a Mayor who sees fit to supply Hathians with Satanic establishments and yet there are no Churches for Christians? Are we victims of a Satanic government?

It has long been rumored and suggested that we are. And listen, I am not talking about the average citizen standing on a corner with tattoos of an upside down cross or a Devil. In the grand scheme of things, they are not true Satanists and pose no threat to our lives. TRUE REAL Satanists…are heavily involved in politics. They are not “openly” Satanic, because being so would be inherently un-Satanic. True real satanists do not live it openly. It actually goes against their beliefs. So those who you see openly with their tattoos, upside down crosses and crying out “Hail Satan”…are but crumbs. Mindless sheep and followers. Someone who’s mad that Christians don’t agree with their way of life which usually has EVERYTHING to do with some sexual fetish or depravity. Other than sex they have no problem with us. They’ll be celebrating Christmas right along with the rest of us! While CLAIMING they are Satanists. Some idiot who thinks they can get a rise out of someone like me by saying hail Satan…while never knowing that I have met real ones! A realistic Satanic politician would campaign and pose as a Christian to gain maximum appeal, while pushing policies that go against Christian ideals and implementing Pentagonal Revisionism, such as eliminating social welfare, minimizing federal spending, upholding the death penalty, supporting separation of Church and State, and decriminalize drug abuse. Sound familiar? Real Satanists are accountants who make sure a hard-working Christian never sees a tax return! A Cop who guns down an unarmed man on video and tells you right to your face that you didn’t see what you saw…he was in fear of his life. A teacher who knows a kid’s parents are Christians, so they make it harder for the kid to pass on to the next grade. Or place the kid in a “special program” or on “medication” and it’s later revealed there was nothing ever even wrong with the kid! And you sit back wondering why this person is going at you…and never find out the why. Those are REAL satanists. The Politicians who make decisions on policies…policies and Laws which affect our everyday life…are the REAL threat. Because their decisions influence our lives, and the lives of our children.

How can a Satanic Leader…see to it that your children grow to be productive citizens? Can we trust them to teach our children moral values instead of corrupted ones? Will they teach our girls how to cook a good nutritious meal…or how to drink blood? Can they teach our boys how to get a good paying job, or how to perform ritualistic sacrifices? Will they teach the general collective how to spread peace? Or that they should solve their problems with guns and knives?

And yet with all of that taken into account…the true problem lies with Hathian Citizens. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. Because until YOU demand something of substance from your Mayor…until you decide to have an appetite that does not CONSUME filth…then what we what we get. A world…based on Luciferian Doctrine and dogma. Hail Satan!

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