Hathian’s Finest: “I’m No Monster”

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by Cadence St Clare

I think we’re all familiar with Super Hero movies, like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. Movies have kept these iconic characters alive, but it was the comic book industry that birthed them. The retro comics that were selling for about 5 cents (Yes..five cents) back in the day. Kids at that time would buy the comics, and then spend hours in their yards acting out scenes from the comic books, pretending they were the characters. One of the many lost iconic moments in our nations history. Even though those moments are long gone, we do have heroes that are living and walking among us. Heroes who sacrifice so much for all of us…heroes that our kids, can idolize and grow to become. Officer Lee is one such hero, and so, this reporter sat down to pick his brain and reveal the man, behind the hero.

Cadence St Clare: “How long have you worked for the Hathian Police Department?”

Officer Lee: “Almost two years ago I think”

Cadence St Clare: “What made you want to be a police officer?”

Officer Lee: “Well, I think like a lot of boys who grew up on superhero comics… wanted to be like that, right? To be important, make a difference, keep the people safe from the bad guys. Yeah, that made me want to become a cop for sure”

Cadence St Clare: “Do you feel as a Police Officer, that you are mis-understood? And if so…why?”

Officer Lee: “I feel misunderstood, that’s for damn sure. Both as a person and as a police officer. Some people think there’s no place for men like me in the world anymore, you know? Unapologetically masculine, no bullshit, straight. And then there’s all of the misconceptions about the HPD and officers in general, and to be honest with you I’m not sure where it comes from. Everyone has seen the utter chaos in Hathian in those purge nights…is that what these people really want? I like to think it’s a loud minority…that most folks are hard working, back the police and stand for what is right…”

Cadence St Clare: “You know I never thought of it that way but I can see your point. Most Citizens do want some moral fiber…but there are a few who don’t and they are screaming the loudest, to make it seem like it’s everyone when its just a few of them. I myself am not immune to that. I’ve been attacked. Do you think there is hope for Hathian…from a moral standpoint?”

Officer Lee: “I wouldn’t be still working every day if I didn’t believed in that, ma’am. As long as there are police officers to keep the citizens safe and reporters like you who are willing to be a voice to the silent majority there will always be hope for this city.”

Cadence St Clare: “What is the biggest misconception people have of you?” Officer Lee: “Biggest misconception of me… well, someone called me a monster on twitter earlier. I mean, depending on who it comes from you have to take it as a compliment, right? But no, I’m no kind of monster.” Cadence: “Why were you called that?”

Officer Lee: “Guess speaking my mind and going against the grain bothers some people. I don’t care though, and I’m not scared of threats. Don’t like me? Well, join the fucking club!”

Cadence St Clare: “In your opinion…how can Hathians get back to decent moral values like raising a family and being upstanding citizens?”

Officer Lee: “Well, no one wants to be the good guy anymore, right? Hathians need to go back to looking up to good men like police officers and firefighters as their heroes. Not some Z-list singers and personalities. And certainly not criminals.”

Cadence St Clare: “I couldn’t agree more. I really do respect and hold a great deal of admiration to our Police Officers. I mean the city is horrible with you here…imagine what it would be like without you. If you weren’t a cop…what would you be doing?” Officer Lee: “Guess I’d like to live in a cabin out in the woods, some off the grid shit, you know? Hunt my own food, live by my own rules. Preferably with a beautiful woman next to me.”

Cadence St Clare: “Are you single?”

Officer Lee: “Uh.. well I.. yeah, I’m single. It’s hard to find nice, respectable ladies in Hathian, but they do exist.”

Cadence St Clare: “What type of lady are you looking for? What does it take to win your heart?”

Officer Lee: “I’m a simple man. A kind, hard working woman who respects herself and holds true to her values and morals would certainly be someone that would get my attention.”

Cadence St Clare: “Hope to be a family man one day? A dad?”

Officer Lee: “Well I… I have two kids actually. They’ve been living with my ex-wife since our divorce. But I mean, if the right woman showed up, I guess I could see myself going down that route again. Be fruitful and increase in number and all of that, am I right?”

Cadence St Clare: “Absolutely! And you never know, you may meet the right one and have a slew of more kids. Last question…whats the one thing you’d like people to know about you?”

Officer Lee: “Hm… that both myself and my fellow officers will always be working hard towards a good and safe Hathian. It’s often a thankless job, I’d like people to know that behind the badges there’s someone with hopes and dreams just like them.”

Note: Thank you to the Hathian Police Department and also to Officer Lee for this interview. If you’re a Police Officer or Fireman and don’t mind being in the hot seat, contact Cadence St Clare!

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