Obituary of Joe Glenberry

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Joe Glenberry
1979 – 2020

Joe Glenberry, age 41, took his own life on November 22, 2020. Career long emotional distress and a pending divorce drove him to his end.

Joe was born in 1979 in a small farming community of Montana. Carrying on his family legacy of wildfire firefighters, he joined his hometown fire department at the age of 18.

After three years he earned a pilot’s license and flew drop planes over local wildfires. He survived two plane crashes; the last one nearly ended his career. Within two years of his return, he was made captain. About three years later, after earning his first set of bugles, Joe and his crew were trapped in a mountain slide. Joe was the only survivor and suffered severe injuries. Six years later he joined the Hathian Fire Department.

Joe is survived by his ex-wife, Rose Calhoun.

A private memorial in Hathian is pending announcement.

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