Assault Near Diner

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Submitted by Mark Coletti.

Monday evening, a woman was attacked with a shovel near Slim’s Diner in the early hours of the night.

A man with a large shovel was in the middle of knocking the woman down to the ground when bystanders approached. The suspect rounded on the male witness but unfortunately the pregnant wife of said witness was hit in the crossfire.

It was at this point of the incident when Sergeant Clave arrived, armed and on duty. He told the suspect to drop his weapon and the witnesses escaped to the safety of the diner nearby. They watched through the window as the suspect was arrested and the female victim was brought to the hospital.

Days later, the Observer caught up with Sergeant Clave and asked for an update on the suspect involved.

“He was detained and served his sentence for assault,” Clate said. “Turns out he was responsible for a stabbing and sexual assault as well.”

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