Horror Show Gets Rize Out of Hathian

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Local entertainment company, Rize Productions, turned District 8 Park into a terrifying scene for their Horror Show on July 31st.

Quartered off with high walls, the park was completely transformed into a circus of freaks and the macabre. Wooden slats over hot coals line from the entrance onto the grounds of tents and platforms. Acrobats and cadavers hang loosely from the trees and spread throughout the fairgrounds.

• Photography submitted by Heil Cain.

Local spiritualist, Shelby Leblanc, gave tarot card readings. Radar Records owner, Joy Saad, displayed her snake handling expertise. Renzo Castelluci beguiled a crowd with magic tricks and gorey twists. Edgar McCarthy showed off his knife throwing skills; with only one minor incident. 

Upon a wooden stage, over the park bridge, musicians played for onlookers below. Ryder Koslov-Millet opened with his own vocals and a backup band. Violinist Sophia Ferarri bent over backwards while playing her strings. Jasmine Hands ended stirred listeners with a chilling song of love and death. Local band After the Fall closed the show.

Rize Productions gave Hathian quite a fright and much to talk about with their Horror Show. Feedback from event attendees was positive with a hopeful outlook of more acts to follow. 

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