Sex Worker Claims Abuse, Forced Pregnancy by Hathian Police Officer

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A local sex worker claims a Hathian Police officer raped, drugged, and forced her to carry his child.

The woman, who will be referred to as Vanessa in order to retain her anonymity, came into the Observer office to share her story. 

“I am putting my life on the line by telling you this,” said Vanessa, “But I’m sick of being a prisoner and I need an out.”

Nine months ago, Vanessa met a man interested in her work at the Master Bates Motel on Berthier St. 

“This man was tall, dark haired,” she described. “He had a real creepy vibe about him. I figured he was going to be one of those (guys) that likes to beat girls after he (has sex) with them. You know, one of those twisted types? Just something off about him… It was the way he stared at me, like predatory.”

The man offered an exchange of money for sex with Vanessa. She led him to a motel room against her better intuition. Vanessa was starving and desperate for money.

“I figured I’d let him knock me around, so long as he paid me,” she reasoned.

In the middle of performing, Vanessa experienced an unexpected and violent twist.

“He got behind me and pushed my face forward. The next think I know, I feel him grabbing my wrists and cuffs going on… Then he shoved a badge in my face.”

The man revealed himself as a Hathian Police officer to Vanessa. He threatened to arrest her, unless she let him have his way. Vanessa protested and attempted to fight. Her resistance ended with the prick of a needle to her neck. 

Vanessa was drugged. Barely conscious and unable to move, she could still feel everything that happened. 

After he finished, he cleared Vanessa out of several personal belongings: her ID and drugs. Payment was not left behind.

“He left me dry,” Vanessa said.

The officer threatened Vanessa to remain in contact and fulfill his sexual desires or be arrested. From then on, Vanessa and the officer engaged in a routine of forced sex and drugs. If Vanessa had any money on her, the officer would deprive her of it.

When Vanessa discovered she was pregnant, she told the officer she was going to abort the child. He however objected. In order to maintain her compliance, the officer routinely enabled Vanessa’s drug use. Eventually Vanessa experienced a moment of sobriety and sought out an abortion on her own. By that time however, she was too late in her pregnancy for the procedure to be an option.

The Hathian Police Department was contacted to comment on these events.

“The Hathian Police Department has no record of any such claim,” said Hathian Police Department Media Liaison Jax Williams. “If such an incident did occur, and it was officially reported to the department, it would be forwarded to Internal affairs for lodgement and investigation. If such claims were proven not to be false accusations, then the officer in question would face disciplinary action, and likely be criminally charged.”

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