Earthly Delights Found in Garden of Eden

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In the morning of July 30th, Garden of Eden, a clothing optional resort in Batterie Beach, celebrated its grand opening. Patrons curious of its promised pleasures shyly made their way in through the perimeter hedge. Beyond the entrance lined with lockers is a tropical, clothing optional, paradise.

The resort’s owner, Trixie, stood nude on the sands as she greeted guests and directed them to the bar. One free drink per guest was offered. For a sense of risk and adventure, guests were encouraged to adorn blindfolds. Those who shelter their eyes would be lead to the bar and experience sensations thrust upon them by mysterious sources.

Working at the bar were two male bartenders; one of them “at full attention.” They slung drinks to thirsty patrons; everything from beer to liquor to wine. 

As the hours and drinks wax on, inhibitions drop. A few previously dressed guests drop their clothes and run naked. Distances between everyone closed in. Intimate actions were seen at the bar. 

Garden of Eden blossomed to uphold its full potential.

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