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Dear Teddy Bear Giver,

The advice I gave you was for a kind hearted man who lacked courage to approach the woman he loves. You however, after discovering your abhorrent behaviour are nothing more than a vile stalker. You did not say in your letter that the teddy bear was headless and on the daughters bed. So you broke into your ‘loves’ house, to scare her child. You want to be a family with her and her daughter and you behave in the worst way.

My advice has changed. My advice is for you to leave this family alone. For you to take yourself away from them and to leave them be. Stalking someone will not end well for you. I am completely disgusted that anyone would use this platform to stalk someone, to instil fear in them. I hope to hear that you have started to leave them alone.

FYI, the letter you sent in is going to the HPD. I hope they find out who you are and pull you in for a chat.



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