Batman Seen Roaming Hathian

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Submitted by Naddie Winterwolf

Resident vigilante, Batman, has been seen roaming the streets of Hathian, dressed in his signature Batsuit and pointy cowl.

The Dark Knight was noted to have visited Haitian’s comic store, Comiquities. An eye witness, who wishes to be known as ‘Firehead’, has come forward with a statement that Batman may have a few of his acquaintances in Haitian just as well. According to Ms. Firehead, Batman visited the Comiquities recently and had about an hour’s worth of conversation between the two of them.

Ms Firehead mentioned that some of the topics discussed include having Batman “send Nightwing over some time, as I’d really love to squeeze those cheeks”.

Coincidentally, Nightwing shows up the next morning at the same store to look for her. While she was impressed by Batman’s ‘Nolan-esque’ outfit, she is indisposed by Nightwing’s costume.

Ms Firehead describes the person dressed as Nightwing to be “built, but not like impressively so, from what I could tell.”

According to Ms Firehead, she had seen Batman near The Daily Grind, located at Bourbon, off the Hathian Highway, on multiple occasions.

It was also reported on The Observer earlier in the week that Batman was present during the massive raid on the D.N.D. Import/Export in Devils Pocket last month. It is unclear if Batman had a part to play in the raid.

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