Suspect Manhandled by Police in Professional Manner

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Aleida Ramirez was arrested on April 28th on charges of assault after police saw her whereabouts on Berthier St.

According to Ramirez, a female officer tackled her by surprise. Ramirez attempted to resist until Sergeant Gael Zero informed her she was under arrest. Zero pressed Ramirez for questioning, and when she refused to cooperate, Sergeant Zero repeatedly punched her in the face.

“He started to demand who my family was,” said Ramirez. “I had to lie to protect them, because I knew he had raped my daughter before. He had put her in a coffin and had rats bite her face. I was unwilling to tell him. He started to hit my face, demanding I tell him.”

The Hathian Police Department was asked for comment on the arrest.

“An arrest was made and the officers conducted themselves in a professional manner,” says Media Liaison Corporal Jax Williams, “As for Ms. Ramirez, if she feels there was an overreach, she is more than welcome to come down to the station and offer a full statement of events.”

While in police custody, Ramirez claimed further abuse by a department officer.

“Officer Kronus decided to assault me. He cuffed me to the cell bars and he groped my body. He humiliated me with his words. He took me to the shower and made me strip for him. He made racist and sexual remarks about my body. He was calling me a prostitute, even though I’m not. He was trying to find out what I would charge to sleep with him.”

The Hathian Police Department claimed no knowledge of the incident and encouraged Ramirez to file a full report.

“If that is what Ms Ramirez claims,” said Corporal Williams, “then she is welcome to come down to the station and make a statement, as well as a formal complaint. I have no knowledge of such an act occurring, but if a statement or complaint is received, it will be lodged with Internal affairs for investigation. The HPD takes such claims very seriously.”

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