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Dear Readers,

I would like to offer a response to a Hathian Observer article by John Hayes, dated April 16, 2020, and entitled “Berthier St Bakery-Don’t Eat the Bagels!“, and request a retraction. My name is Asia Banu, and I am the owner of Berthier Bakery in downtown Hathian. I have been a part of the local business scene for a while now. Most of you know me and my goods sold at the bakery, so I clearly have an investment in the accusations made by Mr. Hayes.

This so-called “article” is, in my humble opinion, simply an act of revenge. Mr. Hayes was caught in an illicit sexual act with one of Hathian Police Department’s members–Detective Emma Lamont–at a local watering hole. Public sex, while exciting as it may be, is still illegal, so I called them out on it on social media, and shortly thereafter, an article bashing my beloved Berthier Bakery appeared in the Observer. Coincidence?

Mr. Hayes, I understand you are new to town, but to try and destroy the name and ethics of a business that has been in the community for several years while simultaneously threatening the livelihoods of not only myself and the employees of Berthier Bakery but all of the associated businesses with whom we have working relationships is utterly disgraceful. The bakery gives back to the community in so many ways, including our various support programs–the first responder program, our “Feed the Hungry of Hathian” program, and the school lunch program–and many local farms. Your article tarnishes the names of those businesses and their products like Ripley Farms and the wonderful organic honey we purchase from them. All of these things have been damaged due to the hateful words in your article.

Berthier Bakery has no current or past health code violations, according to the state’s health department. These reports are part of public record and accessible by anyone, so the burden of proof lies on you, Mr. Hayes, to justify your article. You have offered zero proof, ignoring numerous requests for phone records, medical records, or any documentation verifying your alleged medical issues being due to anything produced by Berthier Bakery.

At this point, I have to question if you were ever even ill. If so, perhaps you’re actually suffering from IBS or Crohn’s disease. Or possibly just having sexual relations on too many dirty surfaces could have been the cause. By refusing to provide evidence, it turns your article into libel, just as illegal as having sex in public. Prove to us that the Bakery was negligent in causing it for that matter, and we’ll gladly assist you with your medical bills.

Otherwise, do the right thing, Mr. Hayes. Retract the article.


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