Safety in Numbers

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Citizens of Hathian,

It with a heavy heart that this article must be written. A citizen brought the Observer’s attention to a new danger in our city. A danger we should all be aware of, however, for unknown reasons, those paid to protect us are keeping this from the public. The Hathian Police Department has reason to believe we, once again, have a serial killer roaming among us, yet they haven’t released this information. Why would they keep this inside the department? What good does it do to keep something like this from the general public. The public, who pays their salaries, could possibly end up bringing them the clues and knowledge they need to break this case.

The anonymous source tipped the The Observer off that police are investigating two cases with murder victims who were left with certain items on their bodies. The source also says the killer doesn’t discriminate by sex, as a male and female victim both have been found. The first murder occurred around February 25th, with the victim being found near the theater in Hathian and the second around March 8th, the victim was found on the pier near Batterie Beach on the outskirts of Hathian.

The source couldn’t reveal many details at this time, only that the victims both appeared to be your average nice person. Anyone could speculate on what brought these particular victims to the attention of the killer. While the families of the victims have been notified, the investigation is ongoing and the names of the victims were not able to be released at this time.

According to the source, police do believe the offender is a serial killer due to the items left on the victims and other similarities they weren’t able to reveal at this time. Police believe the killer to be someone in their 40s-50s, however they do not yet know if it is a man or a woman. According to the FBI website, most serial killers are men, with an extremely small percentage revealed to be women. The FBI considers someone a serial killer when there are two known victims with the same characteristics, and if the murders had taken place on the same day in the same place at the same time with four or more victims, it would be considered a spree killing, or mass murder, not a serial killer.

The source also stated the police are working closely with forensics experts, who are analyzing all evidence found at the crime scenes and they hope to have either an identity or general characteristics to use in the investigation soon.

The question was posed about citizens keeping themselves safe, all the source could suggest was staying out of the killer’s way, even admitting they knew that answer wasn’t a very helpful one. The Observer staff has looked into it and the common ways of keeping yourself safe in any situation is to be aware of your surroundings (Don’t walk around town with your head down, texting on your cell phone), go places in pairs or groups, and be wary of going anywhere alone with someone you don’t know, (So, if you regularly go to the bar looking for an anonymous hookup, you should put that on hold for the time being.)

At this time, the Police Department hasn’t issued a statement to be released and they were not contacted to comment on this article as the Observer wanted to get the information and story out to the public as quick as possible so citizens could begin taking precautions.

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