Dear Grace: Dating

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Dear Grace,

I’m not experienced when it comes to dating men. Lately I have been wondering if it’s okay to date more than one man at the same time. When dating someone you want to get to know them and see if things work out with the two of you. If you get along, grow feelings over time etc pp. So, is it wrong to date two men, go out with them for dinner and such, and see where things go?


Dear Dating,

As long as the guys you are dating, know you are also going on dates with others, there should be no issue. Being open and honest is the key here. When you are first dating you don’t want to tie yourself down to the first bloke you meet. In fact, it’s healthy to be dating others. However, it’s once the exclusivity conversation happens that you should be looking at ditching the other men.

Bide your time, don’t rush into anything with anyone until you are sure and absolutely keep your options open. Also, remember to take your queue from them. If you have only been on one or two dates with a man and he’s making demands or acting jealous I would high tail it out of there no matter how much you like him.

I wish you lots of luck and future happiness, Dating.


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