Date Auction Ends with Bloody Valentine

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On February 14th, the Hathian Theater holds a charity auction to support those affected by the Civil Services Fire of January 4th. The Valentine Date Auction is split into two shows: one at 11:00 AM and another at 6:00 PM.

Hathian Observer founder and editor-in-chief, Geoffrey Welders, hosts the 11:00 AM show. Four people are present to bid on with another two absent.

  • Grace Frontenac goes for $250 to Jocelyn ‘Mouse’ Campbell-Waters.
  • Jocelyn ‘Mouse’ Campbell-Waters goes for $100 to Grace Frontenac.
  • Joy Saad goes for $150 to Saki Yamato.
  • Mikala Muircastle goes for $500 to Trish Claremont.
  • Simona Annaloro-Matfield goes for $25 to Jocelyn ‘Mouse’ Campbell-Waters.
  • Pacia Worrell goes for $10 to Jocelyn ‘Mouse’ Campbell-Waters.

Hathian Theater owner and celebrity, David Pink, hosts the 6:00 PM show. Seventeen people volunteer as bids.

  • Ash Xavier goes for $800 to Geoffrey Welders bidding in place of Grace Frontenac.
  • Elin Ahlberg goes for goes for  $1200 to Shifty Bryant.
  • Delphine Laveau-Matfield $300 to Nico Annaloro.
  • Ayelli Vicetti goes for  $400 to Heil Cain.
  • Shane Dakota $2400 goes for to Nico Annaloro.
  • Nikolas Mulcahy and Tahoma Raider go for $5000 to Akemi Liu.
  • Tytan Grimlee goes for  $5000 to Blake Weaver.
  • Akemi Liu and Saki Yamato go for $5000 to James Matfield.
  • Nuku Nemeth goes for  $1500 to James Matfield.
  • Tala Infinity goes for  $3000 to Simon LeMarchand.
  • Nico Annaloro goes for  $2200 to Misti Martin.
  • Penelope Devinna goes for  $1500 to Tahoma Raider.
  • Loz Weymann goes for  $5000 to Akemi Liu.
  • Geoffrey Welders goes for  $1300 to Nico Annaloro.
  • Emily Rose goes for $3900 to the mysterious Blackhat.

The total of both shows earns $39,535 towards charity. Pink encourages those affected by the fire to reach out and petition for monetary aid.

Auctions go without incident until the last person up for bid. At the final call, local violinist and composer Emily Rose turns to Pink and vomits blood. Pink, in a panic, calls for aid from present medical professionals. Rose then collapses on stage. Shortly after, paramedics arrive on scene and escort Rose to Hathian General Hospital. 

Rose is currently in stable condition and under quarantine.

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