Poison Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

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The Poison Apple Tattoo parlor gains new ownership under Miketh Konstantine.

In July of last year, Konstantine arrives at the tattoo parlor as a customer. During a conversation with the previous owner, Cordelia Hunt, Konstantine shares his twenty years of experience in the business. Hunt shows interest and asks him to come back with a portfolio of work. He returns the next day and Hunt hires him after reviewing his material.

“The head manager at the time was basically just a desk clerk with little to no experience with a tattoo gun or any of the other tools we use,” says Konstantine. “She asked me if I wanted the position which of course I said yes.”

Hunt imparts valuable lessons of diplomacy and kinship upon Konstantine. The Poison Apple is not just a place of a business, it shares a sense of community.

“There are quite a few different personalities that also work to fill these chairs up everyday. Sometimes not everyone can have the same opinions. (Hunt) taught me that a place like this can also bring people together as a family, who might not come from good families and backgrounds. At the end of the day we’re all here for one another as if we were related by blood.”

“He’s not kidding,” Poison Apple worker, Shelby, comments. “Some of us have found both literal and figurative family because of this place.”

Like Hunt, Konstantine builds meaningful relationships through mentoring staff.

“I think that he’s really proven himself as a capable manager and leader,” Shelby comments. “He’s got a lot of confidence in his staff and really goes out of the way to help everybody grow. It really made sense for him to take over the place when (Hunt) left. Nobody is as dedicated to this place as he is.”

Despite a reputation of solidarity and talent, the Poison Apple bears unpopular rumors. Locals share a stigma of concerns regarding the establishment’s cleanliness. 

“I can tell you and anyone reading that we are the cleanest, most professional run body art and modification venue that you’ll find,” Konstantine vouches. “As the boss I have strict protocols in place to make sure that we follow every bit of Louisiana state ethics codes and we don’t cut corners on supplies.”

There are several opportunities to verify Konstantine’s claim. Prospective customers can stop by the parlor and take advantage of a 50% discount for any new work. During Hathian Carnival 2020, open between February 22nd and 23rd, attendees may stop at the Poison Apple booth for piercings and tattoos.

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