We Will Not Be Silenced

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On the 17th January the Hathian Observer ran a story entitled “Killer Leaves A Threat To The Observer” in which an anonymous person, claiming to be a killer, brags about their crimes and intimidates reporters to censor their stories.

What this person seems to forget it that we are here not to serve the agenda of some psychopathic murderer, who wants to keep their name and crimes out of the newspaper. We are here to serve the people of Hathian, to report the news, local events, and to be a platform for opinion and debate.  We do not and NEVER HAVE served the will of serial killers. While at times we may have been forced to report on events by certain organizations under threat we have never have and never will condone the heinous acts they perpetrate.

We will not be intimidated by some crackpot sending in letters making idle threats. All mail of this type of nature is forwarded on to the Hathian Police Department with good reason, so please do write to  us again. All you are achieving is making HPD’s job in bringing you to justice THAT BIT EASIER.

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