Masked Arsonists Spread Burning Sensation

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At 12:00 PM on Saturday, January 4th a gang of masked arsonists burn down the Social Services building on Hathian Highway. The fatal fire claims the lives of several social workers.

Drawn by smoke visible across Hathian, bystanders flock to the scene aghast. Amidst words of shock they place frantic calls to local emergency services. Suspicions as to who are behind the masks pass between the crowd.

“Must be a local gang!” yells an observer.

All suspects on the scene wear similar black dress of coats, leather, and latex.  Uniform between them all are single cylinder gas masks. Though their identities are hidden, it is plainly visible there is a mix of men and women among their ranks.

They revel amidst the flames. Cheers of victory sound above roaring fire engine sirens. Between the smoke and ashes they dance in the streets.

Their festivities are cut short by the arrival of Hathian Police Department officers and firefighters.

Officers draw guns and tazers as they shout, “HPD!”

The gang’s festivities come to a brief halt. An opportunistic gang member throws a gas canister in defense. Gas spews out into the street. Pedestrians scatter and in the chaos arsonists scatter in flight.

Officers however push through the gas and launch a take down. Tazers fire and a couple arsonists go down. 

Police follow two remaining arsonists to the theater where a short standoff occurs. Shots fire at the ticketbooth where one suspect hides. Outgunned and outmatched arsonists hiding within the theater turn themselves over to surrender.

Four suspects are currently in police custody. An investigation is currently underway.

A charity event, organized by Nicolo Annaloro, to restore the Civil Services building is in early stages of development.

Donations may be made to the Civil Services Fund.

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