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In poverty-ridden streets such as the ones in Hathian, it is to be expected that there will be some crime, a battle that HPD tirelessly fights for us. However, sometimes things can go so far that it can chill us to our very core and this is one of those stories. This article contains descriptions of torture and extreme abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

Today I interviewed a young woman in the hospital and heard her harrowing recollection of what occurred on December 19th, 2019 when she stopped outside of the office building of The Hathian Observer. She stopped momentarily to read a text message before she felt an arm wrapping around her waist, her body was dragged against the body of an attacking masked male and a knife was pressed against her throat and though she wanted to scream she was unable to due to the fact that the attacker had put duct tape over her mouth and soon after her arms were secured behind her back with zip-ties. After her arms were locked she was dragged to an empty house nearby from where she had been kidnapped by two kidnappers a man and a woman and after the door was locked the victim’s shirt was cut away from her body and then then the female hacked the victim’s hair away with a knife.

The victim was then told that only if she was exactly as she was told would she be able to leave there alive. And so there she was sandwiched between them, faced with the terror of what was to come and the threat of what would happen if she was non-compliant. She was then cut with a knife from the tops of her arms to her wrists and the blood that seeped from her wounds was used by the female kidnapper to draw flowers all over her back. She then proceeded to cut the outline of these flowers with the knife. At the same time, the male kidnapper was doing the same thing on her front side but he had cut from her neck to her navel and also across her stomach and each time that the man returned for her blood he widened the cut in her stomach with his fingers. If all of this was not bad enough the victim had a large chunk of flesh cut from her bottom, the difficult to describe the shape of half a guy a “Guy Fawkes” mask and due to the delicate nature of the photographs it has been decided that they cannot be published in The Hathian Observer.

Finally, after her terrifying and painful ordeal, the victim was released still tied and in a state of undress, though sickeningly she was told that she had been good and that they would find her again as she had been the best one yet. This sadly indicates that this young woman had not been their first victim and which is why we implore with you to be vigilant so as not to give these sick individuals another chance to strike again.

However, as I returned to the offices of The Hathian Observer to write this despicable tale I was unfortunate enough to find a package which after opening I discovered to have the other half of the flesh “Guy Fawkes Mask” that had been carved from the victim’s backside and a note that had been created by cutting letters from a magazine which bore the words “This is just the start. Enjoy our artwork.” Of course, the gruesome discovery was immediately turned over to HPD to assist with their investigation.

The kidnappers who were described as being a man and a woman who were both wearing “Guy Fawkes masks” and dressed completely in black. The man was described as having extremely pale eyes and the female was described as having a foreign accent. If you have any information as to who these attackers are, please report the information immediately to Hathian Police Departement so that they can be removed from our streets as soon as possible. If you see the, please do not try and confront them as they should be considered to be armed and dangerous. Instead, please immediately dial 911.




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