Criminal Waves Dirty Package In Face of Kogarashi Story

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One criminal of Hathian has something to prove in response to leading questions made by reporter Katherine Cross in the KOGARASHI TO REIGN SUPREME? (A LOOK AT HATHIAN PAST AND PRESENT) news story.

The Hathian Observer office received this anonymous letter.

Dear Press,

I’ve seen that article that was put into the paper, about missing gangs and people. I am not  lurking on social media and eating Cheetos! I have tired so very very hard to lead a good life. An honest life where I could run my own business and be an actual member of society. That no longer wanted people to fear them but to be accepted. But now with this trash in the paper.

Calling my crimes petty? I’ve taken eyes, I’ve lit cops on fire, I even almost killed three of your officers, I even tried to burn people alive in a car, I’ve tortured people, brain washed people, and yet you have learned nothing. This city, this city that thinks it’s going back to being pure and wholesome. No, there is always corruption. Even down at the simple Twister were I have drugged many.

I should be labeled a hero, not some dog that licks up scraps! I have saved people from the police force that thinks they are better and always so pure. Like gods that can’t be touched. Well I will show you. I will show everyone that even gods can bleed. This city deserves to burn along with the people that think they above the law.

You want me back so badly then I will come back and mark my words. I will make everyone pay that has always looked down on me.

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