Fat Beef Shared at Lou’s Bar Leaves Injured Porked

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On December 30th, a violent struggle at Lou’s Bar on Hathian Highway leaves several people injured and in serious condition.

At 9:00 PM a group of armed individuals enter the crowded bar. A woman, who a bystander identifies as Brandie, issues threatening statements while wielding a blade at Loz Weymann, owner of Lou’s Bar.

According to the bystander, Brandie and Weymann are in a competition for dominance over Hathian. They have much in common for their passion of self-policing the city, however differences in opinion and tactic set them apart. Protecting their own people puts them at odds with one another.

Arguments and accusations ensue at a stand-off between Brandie and Weymann leading many patrons to take cover. All save for one, a woman who takes command of the jukebox. Loud alternative rock music blares as tensions increase.

At the height of “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots a woman of Brandie’s party charges the bar. Swinging a barbwire wrapped baseball bat at the shelves, she destroys several bottles and threatens those nearby.

An injured woman crawls across the floor, seeking to exit the brawl. She collapses unconscious before reaching the door.

Shouts of opposition and accusation against Brandie erupt from bar workers. In a timely manner Todrick Hall’s “Wrong Bitch” plays on the jukebox as Brandie and her party refutes those claims.

“Boss! A little help?” calls a bartender as she’s cornered in a knife fight.

Over the bar one of Brandie’s men leaps and destroys the soda fountain. Against the bar he taps a police riot baton before destroying more liquor. One bottle strikes his interest, and he sets it aside, and continues to shatter bottles. Abruptly he then leaves, taking his drink of choice.

“You have done so much bad (expletive) that I have lost count,” Brandie shouts from her position at the door.

Weymann looks to the cornered bartender and picks up a surviving bottle. She throws it at the woman armed with baseball bat. Her opponent swings true and the bottle shatters. Shards of glass fly and Weymann takes them everywhere but her face.

Weymann’s baseball bat attacker charges forward and takes a knife to the arm. She does not seem to notice the pain, but she cannot stop Weymann from pinning the injured limb.

“We Will Rock You” by Queen thumps over the speakers.

By now sounds of the fight spill out into the street. Curious onlookers gather at the window and door to observe. Next door at the Green House, people smoke and converse; they give little notice to the scene and carry on with casual conversation.

Another bottle hurls through the air, cast by another bar member, in the direction of the man cornering a bartender. He’s hit, but not down. When his target ducks for cover, he takes the opportunity to smash a boot into her head. He misses.

The cornered woman continues to fight, facing off against a man much larger than she. In the tussle, her bra strap snaps, but it does not dissuade her defense. Wildly she swings her own blade.

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” appropriately plays as the fight turns bloody.

Brandie withdraws a gun from her waistband and points it to the bar. Onlookers outside duck for cover. Patrons inside crawl to find sturdy shelter. The steadfast jukebox manning woman manages to push play for one last song, “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down.

“If people don’t live by your screwed up sense of conduct, we are all bad!” Brandie hurls at Weymann.

The wounded baseball bat wielding woman drives the handle of her weapon at Weymann. Weymann stumbles upon impact and leaves her blade stuck behind.

Free from assault, Weymann pulls out her own gun and points it to Brandie.

“The only thing you are doing is going against businesses that keep this town alive!” Weymann shouts at Brandie.

Brandie replies, “I have nothing to prove to you.”

The man, previously cornering a bartender, drops his blade and pulls out a gun. He aims at the worker as she pleads for Weymann to say something.

Brandie pulls her trigger and Weymann does the same immediately after. Weymann takes a bullet in the shoulder and poorly fires in the direction of her once cornered bartender’s attacker.

He returns fire while diving to use the unconscious woman as a bullet shield.

Brandie is hit in the arm and fires a wild shot.

Bullets fly and concerned bystanders call for police. They are unable to connect.

One frustrated bystander laments, “This city is big as (expletive) and not one dispatcher?”

Under a hail of bullets, the baseball bat wielding woman makes a hasty escape behind Brandie and out the door. Brandie follows. Last to leave is the man hiding behind the unconscious woman. Sweeping her off the floor, he leaves with her over the shoulder.

Firing a bullet into the air upon exit he calls, “You there, help her!” gesturing the baseball bat wielding woman out to “Chuck” Charlesworth sitting outside the Green House. Charlesworth complies, offering his aid in retreat.

Trapped patrons of Lou’s Bar waste no time flee through a crowd of bewildered onlookers. All save for the jukebox playing woman, who takes command of issuing emergency triage.

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