I Saw the Killer!

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Dear Hathian,

Please don’t come looking to me for answers. I promise you, I don’t know much about anything. No, I swear it! But there I was one late evening out near the graveyard and there was this man dressed in black from head to toe and his hair, I couldn’t tell what color it was because it was pulled up underneath this cap and the guy wore a white mask over his face. I was watching him carefully because he was carrying this woman’s body through the cemetery gates and I kid you not, she was so pale, and she wasn’t moving more like her legs were dangling in the wind, and there he stood lowering her in front of a gravestone. He was slow and patient and god I could go on for hours with how curious I was and how much I wanted to go over there just a few feet more to see what he was doing!

I couldn’t at first, but I eventually did. I sneaked a little closer to see he had a syringe in his hand and it was like he was giving this woman another dose of something really sinister. I don’t know why I didn’t call the police, I would guess it’s because I was even scared to walk back afraid that any movement might draw his attention that I’d been watching and oh my god, he pulled out this long jagged handsaw and began to cut her body apart! I watched as her limbs were all put aside one by one.. well except for her head, it was her legs and her arms.

I must have been standing there for hours or minutes.. I don’t remember. I can’t remember. I refuse to remember when after everything he strung the woman up to a tree with a rope and left her there. I couldn’t watch anymore I had to go, I had to. Not long after though I stumble into someone and it’s him! This face he wore on top of his was the color of ivory and it had makeup on it: red lips and eyeliner on the eyes and the word “GOD” scribbled on the forehead. The man slowly raised a finger to his lips and shushed me.

Then he said in a very faint voice and I will not forget it. He said:

“The whole world’s a stage, and soon they’ll all dance for me.”

He stood there with a finger on his lips until I ran. I can’t tell the cops even though I have a feeling who it might be! I’m sorry, Hathian, you’re on your own now.



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