Pressure on HPD as Homicide Rate Rises in Hathian

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By: Michiaki Yamaguchi, Youth Reporter Photo
Hathian Squad car police chase in the city.
  • Mystery surrounds body found on Bourbon street foreshore

  • HPD refuse to comment on the rise of violent unprovoked crimes

  • No suspects in custody

The stabbing death of 27-year-old transsexual Vanessa Tallwood on the Bourbon street pier marks the second death in Hathian within the past week.

Tallwood was reportedly last seen smoking on the corner of Bourbon Street before her body was later found on the beach forefront opposite the Rub & Tug with the word ‘ZERO’ carved into her stomach.

Hathian Police Department officials said the incident was unprovoked.

Earlier in the week, a reported hold up went awry when two suspects entered the Clam Convenience store on September 30 at 2:46 am. CCTV footage showed the clerk being brutally bashed by a female suspect before a male reportedly shot the victim.

With such brutality to these crimes, significant pressure has now been put on HPD with angry citizens & the victims family’s demanding justice and answers.

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