Class Disruption over Lesson Topic at Columtreal University

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A Personal report by Charlie from account on 10 October 2018

What had started out a controversial topic, approved by the academy, had turned into a bitter war of words at yesterday’s class discussing “Soliciting in Haitian”.

This was actually the second lesson following on from the previous week where the topic was about recognizing the type of prostitute by their manner and dress and examined the differences between a cheap street hooker and a high-class call girl.

The topic of this week was appearance and to demonstrate the effect of how the way a prostitute was dressed affected the so called “Price Tag” of the hooker. The teacher Miss Helstien had decided to come to class looking like she was working the streets of Haitian, at least from the bottom down, she wore a pair of sheer laced French stockings held up by pretty black and white ribbons. Combined with her top half of wearing a school blazer it was a very unusual look.

Class rebel Josef Wittelsbach was quickly into his usually disruptive antics, make snide comments under his breath the moment Miss Helstien entered the classroom, designed to make her feel uncomfortable. He was always creating trouble in class and revelled in finding a way to get under the skin of the teacher.

It was a brave topic to undertake with the students; sure, we were all adults! But it was clear some students were more easily led than others. However, the subject matter had been approved by the board and the students had signed up for it. At least at the start of the lesson, I believed that everyone in the classroom was a legitimate student and had signed up for the lessons.

When all the attendees had taken their seats, the class was not as popular as it had been to week before when the room had been packed with some having to stand at the back, this time is was a smaller attendance. I would say there was a class of ten or so, but as some arrived after the start it was not clear. Miss Helstien asked for volunteers to complete an exercise at the front of the class. She had encouraged myself to take part, but I preferred to remain at my desk and observe, which in hindsight was a good thing, because of what happened next.

Eventually three volunteers came up and stood at the front of the class, they were all girls as the exercise called for females only. I did not know these girls directly but picked out their names as the exercise unfolded.

As I am new to the University and to Haitian and had only enrolled two weeks previous, I did not know very many people and getting to know my classmates was further restricted by having taken a temping job with The Observer and devoting most of my time to that employment.

Back to the class exercise, the three girls who volunteered were a small girl called Saki Yamato, a more streetwise girl named Fanny Wylde and a more mature woman, who I now believe was not a student, she was called Bree. I could not find her name in the registrations office when I checked, but she was older than the rest of us. Miss Helstien had asked the rest of us to study the appearance of the girls and decide what typical “Price Tag” might suit them were they actually working the streets of Haitian.

Certainly, this would provoke responses from the rest of the class, I am sure that was the intention, to provoke a health discussion. However, the discussion very quickly got out of hand and Miss Helstien’s own vulnerability under the victimization she had suffered herself was thrown back at her from Josef. She had revealed her own victimization at the previous lesson, so students could understand the pain that might be suffered when people, and in particular, Haitians own HPD cast aspersions and fabrications designed to distress during interview.

Josef was first to launch attacks, supposedly, out of concern for the rest of us, worried that Miss Helstien would lead us all onto a path of selling ourselves as cheap hookers. Well he didn’t fool me, for all his nasty words he was out to destroy the teacher. His spite took a nasty turn when he described Miss Helstien as a “Washed out and Used up Divorcee”, later to follow up with a “Sick Fuck” who “Couldn’t get Dick”.

If that was not enough to destroy the teacher, Bree then took up the mantle of ruining Miss Helstien’s reputation with her own attack volley, claiming Miss Helstien had set herself up at the victim. Throwing a barrage of statistics about murder, child abuse and STD’s at the rest of us, which none of us actually knew whether they were authentic or not. She went on to claim Miss Helstien was not preparing the student for the outside world by making them aware of street life in Haitian, but actually “Glorifying” it and focusing on the amount of money a girl could make if she knew how to sell herself properly.

By this time, it was difficult to see how the lesson could recover and Miss Helstien seemed stunned and utterly distraught. She did try to quiet the class, threatening expulsion and asking those who were not students to leave the class immediately. By then it was clear the class had been deliberately railroaded by someone with a vendetta against Miss Helstien.

When the bell rang for end of class, some students left the class looking dumbfounded and confused, while others were in the face of Miss Helstien asking for their tuition fees back and demanding her resignation from the academia.

Things did not look good when I decided it was time to leave and Columtreal will have to work quickly if it wishes to mitigate the damage done to its reputation and calm the minds of students and parents alike, before they coalesce into a student body that takes striking action against the University.

The account given here is a personal one, from being present in this class. The names given, and quotes made are as accurate as possible, taken from my own notes during the lesson. Opinions are my own and do not necessarily express the feeling of other students, but I write this piece as an observation of the disruption that took place in front of me.

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