Wake Up Metalheads and Wrestling Fans: Chris Cross Is In Town!

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Chris Cross performing with Dr Deadly in 2014 in London, England.

So here I am, Marky A. Hole, a brand, spanking new reporter for the Hathian Observer sitting at my desk, first day on the job and I get a phone call. Even now, I can hardly believe my luck.                            “Is this Mr. A. Hole? I heard a big rock star is in town. Why don’t you go get him for a killer interview?” I was astounded. Mainly because Mr A. Hole is my father’s name and not mine. After reminding this mysterious caller this was the case, I got to work poking around on social media. Then it dawned on me as I skimmed over Twitter. This caller was right! Chris Cross is in town!                                                   After a few days I got a response from the esteemed rocker, and the rest is history so they say!

I won’t lie, I was a little nervous. My nerves still didn’t subside as I sat before Mr Cross in his hotel room about to conduct this interview. As well as being a rock ‘n’ roll star (His heavy metal band Dr Deadly having released four albums to date), he’s also a Wrestler and an MMA fighter. If anyone knows how to hurt someone, it’s this guy. Not to mention his muscles also look much bigger in real life than they do on TV or on the Internet. Cross is very much the real deal.

As Cross offered me some Vodka, I did feel somewhat tempted. Yes, I am but an honest man Hathianites! I really was quite anxious. But don’t worry. I refused. I was still in fact working, and my editor wouldn’t be happy about it.                                                                                                                    Cross on the other hand poured himself a glass, and sat down opposite me in a chair. He looked calm and composed as only a veteran in showbiz was is going to look. Not that someone the size of him would probably be too intimidated by someone who looks like me mind you.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to conduct this interview Mr Cross. It’s a pleasure to meet you. How have you been finding Hathian so far?

“It’s a fun little place. While touring With Dr Deadly, Louisiana was always fun to play. And to stay. New Orleans is an awesome place to have a party and get totally f*****g wasted! Yeah I live in Los Angeles now, but Hathian feels more ‘real’ to me. Real place. Real people. None of that plastic fake b******t here.  Also they got some pretty neat bars! That’s always a good thing! Like in LA, there are some cool people if you know where to look. There are always a few crazies, but they help to spice things up and keep things interesting, you know?”

Chris Cross performing with Dr Deadly in 2014, London, England.

What kind of things have you been doing in town to keep yourself occupied? We’re not about to see you serving drinks at Lou’s Bar are we?

“Wouldn’t you like to know what I’ve been doing? [laughs] But serving drinks? No! I’m more likely to be drinking them! Wow, I’m making myself sound like an alcoholic! I look after myself. You can’t look as good as me if you spend all your time drinking. Sure, I like to party and Hathian is a good a place as any to do that, but not all the time! It’s not uncommon to catch me at the gym in town for my workouts. I’m there most mornings actually. Like I’m always saying on Twitter, if there are any hot chicks out there who want to come watch, you are totally welcome!”

You’re a man of many talents. Music, Wrestling, even acting! Just for fun, I have to ask: Do you have a favorite?

“Not really. All are ways of expressing myself. I find it easy to switch between them all.
Making music with my band Dr Deadly has made me who I am. I am very grateful for the opportunities that has given me. But I personally see a very thin line when it comes to Metal and Wrestling though. Both are hard hitting forms of entertainment which appeal to -I think- a very similar crowd. A crowd of people who don’t take b******t kindly, who maybe find the mainstream a dull and boring place to be in. And as a Wrestler, I find acting just comes naturally. Making a character, getting into his head and putting on a performance? Hell yes I can do that! I do it every time I step in the ring! S**t, even as a vocalist I do that every night I’m on stage! Everything I do is relative to each other. I think that’s one of the main reasons why I’m so good at the things I do.”

It was at this point I decided to ask another sort of question considering how well things were going between Cross and I. The mood was pleasant, we shared a few jokes, and I felt a little more comfortable sitting in front of him by now. So I decided to go for it.

I hope you don’t mind Chris, but I’m sure people will be interested to know; since you mention fans not taking easily to ‘b******t’, how do you respond to those that have accused you of such things in the past? Including a big name in the wrestling world, who a few years ago made a few other similar comments too.

Here was the time I held my breath as I watched Cross react. I was trying to look as chilled as it’s possible to look whilst poking a self proclaimed hot head of a man, who weighs well over 200lbs with a stick. I resisted a gulp as he simply flipped me the finger, and responded “Next question.” Phew! I didn’t need to be told twice. I also wasn’t going to be asking if he’d intended to flip me off, or if it was the fans and the wrestling star he was aiming his middle finger at.

With thanks to social media, there’s been a bit of buzz which I’m sure you heard about regarding your Metal band, Dr Deadly. Is it true you might be getting back together and making more music soon?

“When the band split, we were all in very different places mentally. I was going through a bit of a rough patch and things were said and things were done. I don’t really want to go into that because it’s miserable as f**k. But these things take time. I got my own projects going on at the moment. The other guys have too. Maybe when the time is right for everyone we can all sit down at a table, have a talk, have some drinks- Y’know how it goes. But I will say that as far as Dr Deadly’s concerned. I think there’s still some life in him yet.”

Dr Deadly’s 2015 release, ‘Rock Hard’. Will we be seeing a follow up soon?

Another album? Another tour?

“Maybe. I know I’d be up for it. Our last record in 2015, Rock Hard was one of the best records we released. Thrashy, in your face, makes a statement. Totally what a Dr Deadly album should be. But the thing is, I kind of want to top it.”

Exciting times are hopefully ahead for your band, and I wish you and the other guys all the best of luck. But you mentioned you have other projects going on. Care to share what?

“I’ll be honest, I can’t go into too many details. My Agent would kill me. But if you got access to the BOG network on February 12th, you might want to check out ‘Canadian Zombie Attack!’! It’s a great show and is about to start it’s third season. Will I be returning as the dashingly handsome Johnny Dufort? I’m not going to say. You’re all going to have to watch.”

A contemplative Cross in TV show, ‘Canadian Zombie Attack!’ in 2016 as Manitoban, Johnny Dufort. Accompanied by his signature rocket launcher and his car, who goes by the name of ‘Juliette’.

How did you find using a rocket launcher on your past appearances in the show? What was your reaction when you found out that you were going to be blowing up zombies with an RPG?

“[laughs] I don’t know Marky. How would you feel knowing you were cast to be a rocket launcher wielding badass, who makes his debut on a show by blowing up a herd of zombified moose? Your balls would inflate to insane proportions Marky. Not that mine needed inflating to begin with! [laughs again] But really? It was great fun! They even let me keep the thing from the first season. I got it mounted and stuck on the wall in my house back in Los Angeles. So listen up m*********s! You plan on breaking into Chris Cross’s house, you’ll be sorry! Got it? Also if you f****s don’t tune in on the 12th, you’re gonna be sorry too! Don’t cross The Cross!”

It’s nearly time folks! Tune in if you dare!

So there we have it. It sounds as though the future is looking bright for Metal with the possibility of Dr Deadly returning at some point in the future! I for one can’t wait to get moshing again. They don’t call me Marky ‘The Mosh King’ A. Hole for nothing!

As for ‘Canadian Zombie Attack!’ I’d say you all better watch. With classic one liners such as the famous: “Take that la bitch!” What more could you want out of a zombie show? Also if you don’t tune in on February 12th, I’m sure a certain Canadian won’t be happy with you. Wrestling fans will know that when he says: ‘Don’t cross The Cross’, pain will be rained down upon you! So really, do yourself a favor and go and watch!

I have also been told Chris will be performing in Hathian for the first time, in the near future at Rader Records! I’d say it would be a good time to give him a follow @Itz_Chris_Cross on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any info about the event as it nears! I know I’ll be there!

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