The Real Slim Grady stands up… and punches a lion

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(Image by: Deathly Fright) Pictured: Detail of the front entrance of the Carnival.

It is not every day you see a man trying to punch the ever loving shit out of the king of the jungle, but that is what happened today inside the Big Top at the Hathian Show.

The lion named Cuddles was being fed with pieces of meat thrown to the animal for it to consume.  When a errant throw send a piece of meat in the direction of a onlooker, the lion leaped after the tasty morsel, flattening the woman who was naturally upset that she was seemingly being attacked by the lion.  However, what happened next was extraordinary.

(Image by: Deathly Fright)
Pictured: A shot from behind the lion tamer and lion in the middle of a show.

The lion licked the woman as if it was an overgrown tabby, but it was all too late to quiet the upset woman, and a man, named only as Grady by eye witnesses, leapt bravely to the woman’s defense punching the lion like it owed him money, causing the lion to lash out at him in defense it’s claws striking out drawing blood.  The woman was winded and walked away seemingly still traumatized but other wise unhurt.  The man known as Grady however didn’t fair too well and seemed to have rolled to safety and been taken away from the show grounds to have his injuries treated at a local medical center.

The lion appeared to be none the worse for wear either despite the beating it had received, staff at the event were quick to point out that the animal never had any intention of attacking the woman and was a rather big hairy pussy cat at heart, lets hope they have a equally big giant ball of yarn for it to play with after it’s ordeal.


(all images courtesy of Deathly Fright)
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