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Miss Hasegawa CEO of K&P Agencies, January 2018

I was fortunate to be able to sit down with Miss Hasegawa CEO of K&P Agencies, the premier local events management company who have recently started to make a move in Hathian, offering their expertise in event planning and management to the event hosts of Hathian.  Of course, Miss Hasegawa is no newcomer on the scene, and the rumour has been that she and her team have actually been involved in a few recent events which have achieved great acclaim before forming K&P, having already made a name for herself.  For those that may be unaware, K&P plan and organize all type of events both large and small scale get-togethers.

Hathian Observer: “Miss Hasegawa how about we start off with a little information about yourself, usual sort of thing, where are you from, early career goals, what made you go into this sector of work, and if you are not originally from Hathian, what it was that made you come here and decide to set up your agency here”.

Miss Hasegawa:  “Oh wow. Taking me back. Well I am 30 and I was born and raised in Japan. I knew at a young age that I wanted to do something that I had control over. I was raised seeing and knowing that if women had power that they didn’t flaunt it. It wasn’t looked at as an improvement for women to be in control of anything.”

“Of course women were. They just were smart about it. I learned a lot from them. So when I came to America I dug my heels in and told myself that no matter what I would make something of myself. I worked odd jobs until I could have enough to start something. Not much else to tell. I came to Hathian. I met some wonderful people who gave me connections and invested in my dream. I picked Hathian because it felt like it was going to get bigger. I wanted in on the market before it got too bloated.”

Hathian Observer:  “You’re English is very good, better than a lot of people that were actually born here. Just curious but why here, why the United States? Rather than starting out at home and making a name for yourself in Japan? and then maybe moving to America. And did you consider this a risk moving to a foreign country I mean culturally it is a big gap to bridge.”

Miss Kiyomi: “Thank you. I moved here when I was in my early 20’s so I had plenty of time. Plus I learned most of it in school in Japan. For a country that is very xenophobic it really does force students to learn another language. Maybe two even”.

“America was the obvious choice. Less restrictions. Better chance for growth. Like I said, I wanted power. And I didn’t want to have to hide behind a man to get it. It came with risks of course. Every change does. But I have never been afraid of change. I take the bull by the horns so to speak. The Surprisingly the culture shock was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Some things you guys do is strange. Take for instance Ice. We don’t drink all of our drinks ice cold. It seems silly. Its either hot, luke warm, or slightly chilled. Ice was a hard one to get over”.

Hathian Observer: “Is there anything else about yourself that I have not asked that you would maybe like to add?”

Miss Hasegawa: “Yes.. actually. From what I can gather people seem to be worried about where I got the money to open K&P. Id like to go on the record and simply say that it came from a family inheritance, there is little more to tell. But I hope that will satisfy anyone who was wondering”. 

Hathian Observer: “What can you tell me about K&P, sorry know setting things up you must have recounted this information numerous times but can you tell me as much as you can about K&P, kind of what you stand for as a company, background, anything that will grab the reader and make them want to have you manage an event for them or to be part of an event you are managing.”

Miss Hasegawa: “K&P has always been a dream of mine. I always wanted to make the world a little more glamorous. Add a little touch of elegance here and there. With K&P it gives people a chance to have that without having to either pull their hair out or spend thousands. Its a reasonable rate.”

“We work with other companies in Hathian and get great deals that we can than pass on to our clients. Our motto is ‘make a scene’ and that’s what we do with each event we host. We make a scene. We splash the walls with glitter and we make people feel special. That’s what event planning and marketing is all about. We also handle big accounts for businesses. Spreading the word and so forth. We help advertise with mixers and parties. We have a lot of things in the works and I really feel that the people will get to know us as a household name. If you want something done right, go to K&P”.

Having interviewed Miss Hasegawa, what struck me most was that she obviously had a deep passion for what she was doing, and a drive and determination to make it a huge success. She is a confident and smart business woman, and given our interview, I have the feeling that both her and K&P will be be leaders in their field sooner rather than later.

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