Hathian Ring Event – ”Fight Night 2: Vengeance” (Part 1)

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Please be advised that what you are about to read contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, mutilation and homicide.

Once again I was asked by the Hathian Observer to cover the event held by the Hathian Ring, entitled “Vengeance.” This was just as bloody, brutal, and sickening as the first, with a rabid audience baying for blood.  I arrived fashionably late (a minute or two as I stood outside having a smoke, giving people time to settle so I could go in and gauge the audience mood, which was predictably a mix of anticipation and wanting to see a spectacle, and of course blood.)

As I sat down, I was met with a woman, dressed head to toe in rubber or latex, I couldn’t tell, the only exposed areas being her genitalia, which will be explained later on.  I have no idea who this woman was or whether she was compliant or not, though I would guess given the nature of the Hathian Ring’s shows that she had been taken against her will.   The show started off with a little light S&M, a young woman wearing a mask began to strip show, and another girl in a mask taking a stiff-looking riding crop running it along the girls legs to either encourage her or give her a sign to move on to the next part of her act, which involved the other woman teasing her with the crop as she slowly undressed her… trust me when I say I am writing this, but words do not do it justice as it was so much more of a show than words could ever describe.  The girl once stripped down to her garter belt and stockings continued to dance and to show why she had been chosen for this task, and there was a feeling through the watching audience that everyone was just as enthralled with the show as those performing it.

The other woman seemed to bind her hands behind her back (this was unseen by the audience, but I am making the assumption this is when it happened), the girl winked as if in the know and continued to perform as the last of her dress was pulled clear exposing her to the crown.  It was at this point that the mysterious man that was in attendance at the last Hathian Ring event announced at the end of the show there would be the chance to win a cash prize, (as  yet I still have not found out who this man is, and just what his involvement in the Hathian Ring is so invite anyone with any information to get in touch).  The girl with the crop removed her mask and it looked like they exchanged a couple of words before she whacked the girl with her hands tied on the ass with the crop.  It was also at this point that someone made a bid for the girl tied up in rubber/latex with her genitalia on display, wanting to know how much, presumably to buy her rather than rent her, though I was not able to hear the later negotiations to know either way though a few minutes later a cash amount was given by the third woman who had previously been in the ring, the woman that had been asking wanted to know if for that price she shit gold, not sure that question was ever answered but would think the answer was a definite no.

Back in the ring, the woman pulled on the tied woman’s mask and pushes the crop up between the tied woman in the mask’s leg moving sliding it between her sensitive parts, which looked… I am not sure how it felt, but would guess it wasn’t unpleasant a sensation to have.  The compere entered the ring suggesting if the woman in the rubber/pvc was hit often enough she may shit gold and signaled for the end of the first part of the show, though the girl in the mask received a couple of more increasingly hard spanks on the ass before being hit on her pussy, not as hard but certainly making her jump. They bowed and left the ring.

Next up was the fight, and from the comments I had heard ripple through those assembled, some had heard rumor of who was fighting, an accused rapist and one of his victims.  Whether this was true or not is unclear at first, but it may go some way to explain the events of this very bloody and brutal attraction. The fight was billed as Little Red Riding Hood versus The Big Bad Wolf, though I have no idea that the attempt to hide their real names was futile as people seemed to know who both were.  You can read the rest of my report from the second Hathian Ring event in Part 2.

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