Rumor confirmed! HGH to change hands come April!

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It seems that the rumors around town of the possible privatization of Hathian General have come true. A statement was given to several news outlets including this one from a company called the Kota Corp.

“It is with great honor that we are happy to announce the acquisition of Hathian General. We look forward to providing some much needed funds to the hospital in order to get it back to the glory that we are sure it once had within the city. We will be appointing a Board of Directors who will be responsible for sharing certain aspects of the job. The head of the board will be our newest VP Alfred Donardson. We feel that he will be a great asset to the hospital. We also added a new position of Public Relations Admin which will be filled by Ms. Kiyomi Hasegawa-Roth. All questions can be fielded to her from this point on. We look forward to serving Hathian.
-CEO Robert Henssin”

We looked into the background of the Kota Corp and it seems that they have several privatized hospitals located all along the coast reaching from New York all the way down to Florida. They have been critical in the saving of several hospitals on the verge of closure; however, in recent months have been hit by a fair share of lawsuits from employees regarding wages and fair treatment.

Time will tell if they plan to keep their word in regards to HGH. We will be sure to keep you updated on any developments in regards to this story.

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