Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: Jan 22

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Dear Miss Lonelyhearts,

All my boyfriend does these days is fix up his car to make it go faster.  He spends hours and hours and has no time for me.  What should i do?


Car widow


Dear Car Widow,

Gosh, that’s a tough one.  A guy needs a good car to drive you around to malls and stuff, so you should be more supportive.  Maybe you can spend more time together by helping him under the  hood.  Stand right by his side as he’s working and you can prattle on all about your day since you know he’s not going anywhere and has to listen since his car is in pieces.  And when he asks for something, you are right there to provide it, whether its a tool doohicky or a beer, or gosh, whatever.  You just gotta support your man and everything.  Plus, a man cant resist a girl in pink overalls and stuff.


Miss Lonelyhearts

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