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The Hathian Observer recently had the chance to catch up with one of the city’s rising stars, Alyona Dubrovsky, while she was on set of a new shoot with co-star Cody Cox.

As one of the more notable names that has come out of Venus Productions, many eyes are on the porn actress to see what she will do next. Her video popularity has been remarked upon by the Venus CEO, Valmont Marseille, as making her one of the company’s Legends.

With her recent acquisition of the city’s porn shop, Alyona is making even more of a name for herself, and we at the Observer wanted to know: What does she have planned for the store? Alyona was gracious enough to provide us with a few answers.

Observer: “Alyona, you have been quite a big success in Venus Productions as their White Russian. What would you say has attributed to that success?”
Alyona: “My Uchitel… Val. It was him that got me started in porn here in America. It was him that gave me the name White Russian. Of course, being able to suck a ten inch dick is also helpful.”

Observer: “Using the profits from your porn career, you were able to buy the Hathian XXX Shop recently. What made you decide to do that?”
Alyona: “Well, it is always good for porn shop and porn makers to work together. For a long time, XXX would ne carry Venus movies other than mine. Buying the store has made it easy to be able to sell more of Venus movies and help Venus get their actor and actresses more… uh what is the word… to be know better.”
Observer: “Recognition?”
Alyona: “Da, this is the word.”

Observer: “So far, would you say your pursuit as an entrepreneur has been successful?”
Alyona: “Da. I think it has gone good so far. The store’s sales have gone up, so my business manager tell me. The number of employees have gone up, so the amount of work per person has gotten lighter.”

Observer: “With you new acquisition, what do you plan to do for the XXX?”
Alyona: “We have many exciting things plan. The sex lessons will be a big part of what we offer now. People that want to learn about sex, how to perform sex, or just questions that they do ne know who else to ask, they can come to one of our lessons and learn the answer!
Observer: “Wouldn’t that be considered prostitution?”
Alyona: “Nyet. It is just talking. If a demo is needed, it would be between staff volunteers.”
Observer: “What about people that are shy or embarrassed, but still want to learn this stuff?”
Alyona: “We have plan for this too. We offer private lesson with these people, but they would need to be set up with management.”

Observer: “Anything else we can expect from the XXX in the near future?”
Alyona: “Da! There will be fun games to play at Halloween. There will be theme events to go along with sales. We even have plans to have some contests with prizes being some of our more expensive items.”

Her accent helped to add to her overall allure, as my crew members seemed entirely enraptured by the woman.  She seemed genuinely happy, carefree and very friendly.  Apparently the life of a Porn Star is not as gruelling as one might expect!

After the interview, Alyona generously offered to let us stick around the little resort set of her shoot and relax in the tropics before heading back to Hathian.  This reporter is looking forward to some of the exciting (pun intended) things to come from the XXX shop in the future.

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