HPD Detective In Alleged Murder Claims

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An audio recording has been leaked from an official Hathian Police Department source that reveals that Detective Bane Keahi murdered former Fire Department of Hathian EMT Harrison Seth Rascon, who’s body was found on the 12th of June — discovered conveniently by the very same Detective who seems to have been involved in his murder.

The official autopsy report shows that Rascon had been dead at least up to two days before his body was ‘found’ at the FDH test site with Detective Keahi claiming that the man had fallen to his death in what seemed to him to be an apparent suicide.

However, an audio recording of another HPD Detective reveals that Detective Keahi lied about killing former FD EMT Rascon and murdered the man himself. Rascon was known to be unwell and it appears that Detective Keahi dragged his body to the FD test site to report as a suicide, believing that the vulnerable Rascon’s death would be easily dismissed as a suicide attempt.

Speculation for the motivation behind the murder point to police harassment of the former FD EMT who it seems was picked up by police on several occasions and charged with alleged offenses that may or may not have actually occurred. What will happen now is unclear and it remains to be seen what the PD will do in light of a murdered FD member—if anything.

The Hathian Observer have been given a copy of the audio recording and can confirm that there is a confession that states Detective Keahi is behind the murder of Rascon.

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