Bob BOND for Mayor

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Hello my name is Bob Bond i am running for Mayor because i believe in Hathian and want to bring HOPE.

I am a gentleman who loves women and i love bringing peace and making people smile. i have always worked very hard to protect this city with my powerful body and now i want to protect it with my powerful mind too.

i want to help women to feel safe in this city. i believe women are equal to men and should be treated with RESPECT. all women are beautiful no matter what plz don’t talk to them rude 🙂
oh i really want to listen to the citizen of hathian. What U want I’ll do okay. believe in me because I BELIEVE IN US. AMERICA.

plz vote for Bob Bond

((If any candidates wish to publish ads for themselves in the election, simply contact the Observer or Perina McGinnis inworld!))

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