Candidate Catch Up: Bob Bond

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Over the past week citizens have been seeing his campaigns all over social media, as well as around the city itself. known for his hilarious, and inspiring Campaign Photos, Bob Bond is quickly making a name for himself around Hathian.

Bob was born and raised by his single mother in Utah, where he spent most of his life. Never meeting his father, as he left at an early age, his mom quickly became his “best friend”. As a kid he has a boy scout, but quickly growing up and joining the force of our own HPD. He likes to play video games in his spare time, as well as watch Anime. I had the chance to sit down with Mr. Bond and discuss some of his campaign ideas, and thoughts on this election.

Thianya Kanya: What made you decide to run for Mayor, and was it a hard decision for you to make?

Bob Bond: It was not easy decision. I really like being a police officer, I walk on those streets protecting all the citizen with my body and without people like us who want to protect this city.. This city would be even more horrible! I realized I could do much more than just protect this city with my body, I can protect it with my mind too. I want to bring more to this city than just my body and I want to help citizens as much as I can. [Chuckling] I also saw that there were really beautiful council ladies there too.

TK: So if elected does this mean you’ll be stepping down and leaving the police force?

BB: Yes, I don’t think I’ll have the time to be a police officer and be a Mayor. It doesn’t mean I stop protecting the streets with my body though, I’ll be still doing it every day and night and making sure all lovely ladies are safe.

“We should start a group  ‘Protect the Women of Hathian’ where we walk all ladies safely to their home if they get off  work during night. I think that would lower the rape rate of this city. We could even stay at their house if they feel like they are in danger.”

“A lot of women don’t seem to wear socks which I find very strange”

I asked Bob a few questions regarding the Hathian Police Department’s brutality and corruption, but he didn’t seem to be all that aware of the problems within.

TK: You’re currently part of HPD’s force. What are your opinions on the departments corruption and brutality?

BB: I haven’t really seen brutality or corruption there. Maybe I haven’t been working there long enough. I think some talk might be false too I don’t think the officers are that bad. I know some officers are really mean there, especially the women it seems like they are extra mean. I wonder if they are like that or if they are just feeling sad and they don’t know another way to tell how sad they are? Anyway, if there are evil cops I think we should get these police officers together and discuss with them about how we can make the HPD a better place for everyone.

“I’m definitely not a brutal officer I always make sure I treat everyone with respect and I allow ladies to change their clothes in different room. Then I take their clothes to their box with their stuff and I promise I never touch their panties. I think that’s very wrong.”

TK: Do you think there are any laws that need changed, or added, here in Hathian?”

BB: Well I was thinking that one way to bring this city together would be placing a law where we have once a month a hug day. If you refuse to hug every person you pass, then you’ll get arrested and forcehugged at the police station. Another law I was thinking of placing is that .. umm, old used clothes should be gathered, because I think we could maybe do something with them instead of throwing them away.

TK: If elected as Mayor, what is the main thing you want to do to change this city for the better?

BB: Hathians don’t just deserve a safe city, or even a clean city. They deserve a home, a place where they can always return. A place where they can get together, make out and then get naughty under their beds. Where they push out children with their strong vaginas and raise these children’s. A city where they can go to hospital and not be afraid of big bills following them. Or they can get the treatment they need. Where lesbians can make out on the streets and people can marry whoever they want.

“We need a city where anyone can sniff others panties if they wish to, and where people no longer rape.Where police officers protect the city and violence is no longer there, instead we have hug days.”

TK: That’s quite the vision you have for Hathian. How do you plan to achieve these goals?

BB: I’ll hopefully be able to plan out with the council. Run many charity evens, speak with the hospital and the police leaders. Listen to as many citizens as I can, see what is our budged and based on what citizens say we’ll focus on the most important feedback we get.

Bob Bond has been seen daily, on Twitter campaigning alongside the other candidates. I asked him what he thought of the other candidates and whether or not he had the chance to sit down and talk with any of them.

“I haven’t yet but I hope I can sit down with them and have a little talk. Most of them seem like nice people. Except Ryo, he eats dog poop!”

Bob Bond is definitely a special breed of candidate when it comes to this election, but he seems enthusiastic and determined in his cause!  He hopes Hathian will consider his words when voting, but doesn’t want to push it on the citizens. When asked if there was anything else he wanted to say to the people of Hathian, this was all he responded with.

” I love this city really hard and I want to give that hard love to everyone. Let Bob in you”

Voting polls open Wednesday Feurary 10th at 8am, and will be ongoing until the 12th at 8pm. You can place your vote at the Civil Services building on Hathian Highway, inside the lobby of the Hathian Police Department, or within the gym at Columtreal University.

Remember people of Hathian, Bob and others like him need your vote!

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